[SWP] saut dans le vide


3 y/o medium Female
Winnie couldn't help herself and bright excitement filled her chest. She had never seen this many wolves in one place at once nor with bright colors on them. She wiggled around in the water taking in the entire scene. They were everywhere and something seemed to be guiding them all along their dangerous journey. She thought back to the force she had easily dismissed and wondered if she could still feel it. Her concentration easily distracted when he other wolf answered her question she had totally forgotten about. He didn't know. Which wasn't helpful but it would have to do for now. Easily she dipped under the water when the more rough waves took the surface, her body built to take on whatever the ocean brought her way. Her tail began to act like a rudder, pushing her body forward to keep up with the drifting party. "I don't understand but that is okie." She mused to the wolf next to her right before another wolf fell out of the sky. Her brow furrowed with confusion that was very evident on her face. "How in the ocean.." She mumbled almost under her breathe. Her head turning to see the beach continue to fall out of vision but still seeing the decent distance they were away from it. How could she have fallen from the sky like that? She shook her head and bobbed under. She noticed the ocean becoming almost too murky to see through but a light in front of them showed her that the first wolf was an alright swimmer. She even thought she might have seen a pair of gills in the murkiness but she was only guessing. 

Her attention was brought back to the wolf beside her as he seemed to be struggling hard with the water all around him. "Are you gonna be alright.. I don't think that one can swim.." She pointed with her tail. Unbeknowing to her that speaking underwater was pretty much garble and he wouldn't understand a word she said. She took his eyes peering off in the distant towards the winged wolf as an indicator that he would be alright and headed off to see the other one. Her body almost as fluid as the water itself, her fin diving through the waves, splitting them like a knife for her to swim through. She made it to the other wolf just in time for her to be sucked under also. The black and red combination in this wolf's pelt made her eyes sparkle and shiny with a bubbling excitement. She seemed to be swimming toward the glowing light she had seen under the water earlier. Winnie poked her head out of the water and saw the cause for the scream. It looked like her large feathered limb was falling off. "Does that hurt?" Winnie yelled over the roaring of the ocean and pointed to the wing with her nose. "Here let me help you." Her voice was happy and bright compared to the entire situation. 

Slowly she ducked back under that water and took in a deep breathe of what looked like water. Her chest swelling to about twice the normal size almost to the point where it looked like it would burst. Then she focused her lips forward and blew out a were filmy looking circle. The circle pushing all the water aside and consuming the red wolf inside of it. The bubble itself seemed very warm on the inside, just the perfect temperature to snooze in. The pressure of the air inside also seemed to be elevated and made it harder to move each muscle of the wolf inside of it. The bubble held well though and the waves drew over it without popping the thing. Only problem seemed to be that the bubble was beginning to sink very rapidly. "Better?" She smiled though the word didn't reach the wolf's ears because sound doesn't travel through water. Winnie seemed to attach herself to the bubble from the outside. Gently laying her paws on it as they both seemed to sink to the bottom of the ocean with happy smile on her lips. 

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6 y/o large Male
Reeva, Female Cat

The storm raged, the wind and rain pelting him with unrelenting force. He thought he heard the muffled sound of voiced, but the roar of the gale left him deaf and mostly blind to everything except for what was directly in front of him. He chanced a look at the sky toward where he'd seen Sonja fly, only to the gust that seemed to rip her from the very heavens. 
Blue eyes wide, he felt his maw open in a scream that was torn away by the storm as she plunged to the violent depths. 

Every fiber of his body wanted him to jump in after her, but his good sense won out as he watched her swim the torrent. Gritting his teeth and continuing forward, he concentrated on where she was, sending forward an illusion of a light bridge from the water to the rocky bridge he currently tread. He'd rested in the sun earlier, absorbing as much light as he'd been able and storing it for just a time like this. While it wasn't as much as if it had been the peak of summer, he'd managed to snag at least six full hours worth without having expended any. However, the lack of sunlight and the longer nights drained him much more heavily. 

Suddenly, where Sonja had been was encompassed in what looked like a very large bubble. Panic rose inside his chest, as another gust pierced his flank. He was pushed forward, salt and spray washing over him as he was further soaked. Unable to see or hear, all he could do was let out a scream.


“Sohvren Speaks” | Sohvren Thinks

Sohvren attempts to use his power, illusion to create a light bridge from Sonja to the rocks in preparation to manifest it.

Table by Shadow ♛ Art by Nikkayla


5 y/o large Female
Absinthe, Female Southern White-Lipped Python
With the waters lashing around her, Polareis was beginning to regret her decision. "I should have listened." She mumbled as the violent ocean sprayed up the rocks. She was wet to the bone, and if it weren't for the fact she was perched precariously on a rock, she was sure she would have been shivering like a madman by that point. She slowly reached to a ledge that seemed slightly more stable and quickly jumped across once she had gained her balance. She braced herself against more sprays of water as she looked to the skies, watching as the winged woman went plummeting into the waters. "Oh no, that can't be good." She murmured as she frantically looked round her. She would be no help, she had no abilities that she knew of that would be able to do anything.

She looked between the where the winged wolf and fallen and the wolf just ahead of her. The man seemed frantic and fixated on that spot on the water, with reasonably concerned she assumed. She had watched the lady scream in agony, only to watch another wolf surround her with a bubble. More magick once again, another wolf that was more useful than herself.

The more she looked around, the more isolated they seemed to be. She didn't even remember climbing the rocks out that far, but the beach seemed further away than it had originally been. She could see a thick cloud of fog ahead, but was not yet close enough to be encapsulated by the cloud. She tried to get closer the male, but as water rinsed over the rocks she slowly became more unsure of her steps.

Think, think, think. What can you do? How can you help? You can't be this useless. Her thoughts were rushing at a hundred miles an hour. Every bone in her body wanted to go into the water, check on the woman, yet common sense told her to stay on the rocks. She need to focus on keeping her balance, sinking into the ocean now would not be ideal.

Do not slip.
"Polareis speaks." "Absinthe speaks."


y/o xsmall Male

The god Atlahua

As the storm rages and the wolves below struggle against the waves, an outside force begins to stir. A giant wave sweeps @Sohvren and @Polareis, still lingering on the shore into the ocean. 

@Juryoku , @Fayre , @Winnie  and @Sonja  are all dragged underwater, sending all of them into spiraling motions. 
As if by magick, or maybe the ocean's impatience to have its deity returned, the 6 wolves are swept to land in one fell swoop, unceremoniously dumped to the shores of a sandbar just as the raging storm begins to dissipate.

Through the mist and now gentle splattering of droplets, the group beholds a giant mass that can only be described as a sleeping turtle the size of a mountain. 

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7 y/o medium Female
Bezalel, Male Crow
" open your wings, evil angel; "

Chaos. Chaos and pain were the embodiment of her existence. She could hear...perhaps muffled cries as the waves roared and crashed, and she heard the scream — his scream. It was Sohvren, crimson back ears would pin flush against her crown but before she was able to even try and allow her eyes to lock onto his navy and cream frame closer to the shore another wolf was before her. A stranger. "Does that hurt?"  came the girls voice, attempting to be heard over the oceans scream, Sonja heard her alright, but she brushed her off. I'm fine. she thought to herself. "Here let me help you." the words came next, and before she was able to give any kind of response, this girl, this stranger began whatever it was she was up to. Sonja didn't want help though, she wanted to press on, she needed to press on. She would live, despite the throbbing burning ache in her shoulder that shot through her entire chest, she didn't care. Her head snapped down to where the other wolf went. 

But before she could register what the other woman was doing she began to get consumed by the bubble. The space inside was warm, and she found herself in a comfortable lull for maybe a second or two. But she looked around and realized it. Sinking. They were sinking! Any kind of calming effect the bubble had would be shoved aside as panic set in, it kick started a fire in Sonja's belly her heart hammering against her chest and she was enveloped by something internal. Determination, defiance wracked through her core the woman jerked then twisting her body until she could get close enough to the edge of the bubble forcing her nose through the filmy wall. Taking a deep breath just as the seal broke and sea water flooded her body, Sonja would kick, keeping her wings as tight to her body as she could as she frantically fought to reach the surface. 

But she was swept up, they all were, Sonja would close her eyes tightly as the water drug her deeper into the sea. She could drowned here she thought. This storm would be the end of all of them. Faces flashed through her mind, Jury, Fayre. Sohvren. Sohvren. 

And then land. 

She could only lay there at first coughing, desperately seeking to catch her breath, but she didn't look. Afraid that if she opened her eyes they'd all be gone, and she'd be alone washed up on the shore while the rest had been drug out to sea. But she could hear them too, her ears were not met with silence, crimson eyes peeled open slowly, another cough ripping through her burning lungs. Everyone was here...

Slowly she pushed her front legs up under her body, flinching at the pain of rising her chest from the sand, ears falling back flat. She took these moments to look around, gazing out to the eerily calm seas that surrounded them now. Nidria was there in the far distance, the very shore that they'd dived off of. And it was...moving? The woman shook her head, no...they were moving. "Guys...." she rasped. Slowly rising to her feet, her broken wing slumping off her side to drag on the sands as she limped over to the edge of the island, beneath the sea she could see the large....gigantic flipper. And it hit her. 

This was Atlahua. 

"Get up...it's him...it's Atlahua" she coughed, pinning her ears. 

"Speaking" | "Bezalel speaking"

Table by Centience. Art Nikkayla @ DA



5 y/o medium Male
Ikhael, Male Spirit Fox
Everything seemed to be fast spiralling out of control. In front of him, he strained to keep sight of his mentor as he continued to swim downards. It was as though he was possessed, his only goal was to drown himself within the black abyss of the ocean. Fayre eventually had to stop himself before the pressure became crushing, watching as the scaled tail of Juryoku disappeared into the murk. A ringing began to fill his ears as the silence of the ocean had shifted to overbearing. Above him, Sonja and Winnie were trying their best to stay afloat and he was just... Well he just existed. Fayre felt his world tilt around him, before he realised he was being dragged deeper.

Panic overcame him, he began to kick with his powerful hindlegs in some desperate attempt to free himself from the terrible claws of the ocean. It became obvious that he would not defeat one of Atlahua's greates shows of strength. The ocean's wrath. Resigning himself to his fate, he stopped fighting and opened his mouth letting out a slow sigh. This was it. This was how it was going to go down. The horned boy had only just begun to experience what it was like to have allies. Potentially even future friends. Now it was being ripped away from him and there was nothing he could do but accept that soon he would join the Turtle God in his journey through the seas of the stars.

Again, his world tilted, and he was dumped unceremoniously onto dry land. The systemic shock of going from the pressure of the ocean, to one above sea level caused him to vomit violently, expelling the sea water that had made its way into his lungs and stomach in his percieved final moments. As he raised his head, he could see that Sonja was already up and venturing to the edge of the "beach". What she said was insanity... "Well we've gone and done it haven't we, this is the afterlife after all. No surprise to see him carrying us through the seas of the sky." Letting out a soft whine, he flopped onto his side in the sand. It seemed odd the afterlife would have clouds though, and he watched them slowly drift overhead. Also the amount of pain he was in, surely if he had died it would be gone now. All the gears continued to slowly click together in his head, but the other option of his deity being within their world seemed... Even more crazy.



11 y/o large Male
Xenon, Female Wood stork
At the edge of the world, you will still float.

With each passing minute, all he could make out was the sound of a beating heart. His thoughts could neither conclude if it was his or another being’s. Though as the aquatic beast let his mind search for comfort, it became obvious there were two hearts in which performed a duet. His own and... where was he drifting down to? The leviathan realized he was at a depth untouched by chaos and the stampeding onset of time. He wanted to panic, but he was exhausted. Never has fear overwhelmed him to a point where his mind could only draw a blank. Perhaps it was the increasing pressure of the depths.

His heart did seem to grow quieter.

Red eyes sought for the surface. Juryoku perhaps saw remnants of the others struggling above, or it was merely a small school of fish—his wavering mind couldn’t tell. Finally, he let his eyes closed as the weight of his body sunk him down. The leviathan needed to rest was all. That was it. As he felt himself slip unconscious, a sudden but familiar entity filled his vision; well known for the power It held and the connection It had to the magick that flowed through him. They could nap together. That would be okay.

Finally did he feel his body lay against something. His soul flared up as warmth appeared to consume it. Slowly had his senses flickered back into reality, existence. Muffled sounds entered his ears, whiskers smelled the mixture of earth and sea. A sharp pain surged as something pinched his lips. Crimson eyes were alit, and the scaled beast bellowed now that his mind reemerged into the present. Xenon stood before him with a look of a mother fearing for her child. He had to blink a few times to rid of the clouds in his head. Laid out flat onto his belly, it appears the sea had spat out what intruded it.

Juryoku was washed up a good few meters away from the others as he watched them from a distance. Relief blanketing him once he recognized Sonja and Fayre amongst the ones he sees yonder. He rested his head back on the ground while he breathed heavily. Lungs were steadily returning into normal working order. At first, he was simply resting to let his body catch up from being in water to now on land. Though he was starting to simply laze around as his thoughts worked through what happened.

Interestingly, he could discern the water’s deity’s every breath. The leviathan would match his breathing with the turtle’s. Staggering back onto all fours, he lumbered his way to the group with Xenon following closely behind.

While he closed in, he had heard Sonja speak. “Are you scared? What for?” he rasped to the winged dame. Juryoku then stopped behind Fayre—just in time to hear what the young male had to say. “Hush with that nonsense. It seems you still have a good bit of water in your head.” The beast scolded while jesting under the same breath. He looked out to the horizon where Nidria rested, noting that they were indeed moving.

“I hope everyone is all right. Crown me the fool if you must for this mess.”

Juryoku began trying to piece together where exactly they were upon this mass. Were they somewhat close to the deity’s head? It didn’t seem so. Steps went forward as whiskers guided him to what they sensed where the northern part of this land mass rested. His thoughts were if they could find where Atlahua head was located—perhaps it would provide a better chance of reaching the deity.

However, not a second after did he stop in uncertainty. This land appeared massive with mountains and the heavy rainforest. How safe was this sector to even attempt going through this thriving environment?

Oh dear.



3 y/o medium Female
She was still intent on riding the bubble down until suddenly there was no more bubble. Her eyes darted to the red feather wolf with confusion. "Why?" She asked, the idea of floating to where ever they were all wanting to be in a nice comfy bubble sounded so tempting to Winnie. Before the other wolf had time to answer she felt a strong pull of the ocean across her body. It pulled at her very soul, it was that same feeling she'd felt from the very beginning. It was like a sweet caress of a father she never knew, a mother's warm embrace. Her mind became wrapped in its presence and let the water ebb and toss her body around. Her limbs became like jelly under the pressure of this feeling she couldn't recognize. Her mind should have been screaming to keep herself in control and not to let the tide pull her down but it wasn't. Instead she twisted and turned with the current and rode it down into the darkness with the rest. 

Her eyes stayed focused but her mind was at ease as she watched the rest of the passengers lose consciousness. They all seemed to be so new so.. Uneducated about the way the water pulls and the undertow's sneaky presence. Why had these strangers gone on such a risky quest into the unknown. She didn't know and right now with the presence lurking about in her mind she didn't much care. She basked in the loving aura that was pulling her body around, up, down, over, and under without a care of where she was headed. This ocean was her home and yet this felt as if she'd never set her fur through it. This place was new and fresh to anything's touch let alone their presence. The scents of the ocean were changing and evolving into something far past the understanding of her brain. She didn't know about the looming god of the ocean she was about to be thrust upon or what he was supposed to be like. 

Then she was on land, her mind felt twisted and like she'd been in a dream. The enormous turtle like being still a flickering image on her mind and yet it was almost just out of reach. Slowly her hearing and her sense of touch came back to her. She was laying on dry ground and the others were all moving around her. Whispers of a name echoed in her mind but it became real when a female voice echoed it out loud. Slowly she rose from the sand her eyes opening with a look of confusion. "Atlahua.." She mumbled in a haze. "Is that what you guys were looking for.." her voice trailed off as she got a look at her surroundings. She saw the beautiful tropical forest with huge looming mountains that almost seemed to beckon her forward. She'd never felt this way about land before only her journeys under the water. Quickly she sprang up and dusted everyone around her with sand.. Since this was her first time on land she had no idea what to expect and she was so excited. "We're on land!" She squealed and pranced forward with a flick of her tail. 


6 y/o large Male
Reeva, Female Cat

He didn't have time to let the fear course through his body as the ocean flung him into itself and away from the slippery rocks. The crown of bone was torn from his head as he spun, spun, spun in the torrent. He couldn't breathe, wasn't in control of his limbs as the water ebbed and bubbled around him, his world made only of pitch and the muted sound of the water. 

He needed to breathe, needed to move, needed to do something, anything. He jerked, attempting to free himself from spiraling. Bubbles escaped his maw as he let out a muffled cry, a small white light floating farther and farther away from him. Reeva.

No! He choked, opening his mouth not the best course of action as the sea and salt entered his lungs. The muted colors of the ocean started to go dark, his struggling less and less as he lost consciousness. 

Light returned to his vision in a rush as he was unceremoniously dumped on the sandbar. For added effect, the ocean splashed his already soaked body once more with his deer's skull, smacking him across his head and landing several feet away. He gagged, water spilling from his lungs and onto the sand. More sand was kicked into his face as the others around him stirred. He continued to unload the contents of his stomach onto the shore. 
Reeva stirred just adjacent from him, in front of Sonja, groaning. He could barely hear the others speak, could barely hear anything beyond the ringing in his waterlogged head. He couldn't think, could only continue to heave dryly and hack. 

Sohvren did not like the water. Or the ocean. Or any body of water, really. It wasn't that he couldn't swim, he just preferred his four paws all on dry land, thank you very much. 
It had nothing to do with a certain water affinity he'd tried to pick pocket when he was younger essentially drowning him in a bubble of water. Absolutely not. 

So there he was, covered in sand, ignoring everyone else, coughing a sputtering as if he'd ingested the entirety of the ocean. 

You know, like a champ.

“Sohvren Speaks” | Sohvren Thinks

Table by Shadow ♛ Art by Nikkayla


5 y/o large Female
Absinthe, Female Southern White-Lipped Python
It was all too much. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as she watched the man in front of her get swept into the waters before she felt herself be lifted up by the wave and dumped into the abyss. She could do nothing but take in a deep breathe as she tumbled within the wave. She felt terrified and helpless as the water moved in hundreds of directions. Her eyes were squeezed shut, she dared not look at the waters around her. The woman knew not which way was up, and could only hope that her struggling limbs could push her in the right direction.

Panic began to strike as she let out her only bit of air. She was still encapsulated by water, and she felt as if she was never going to leave it's grips. She opened her eyes, no matter how afraid she was of the ocean, she was more afraid of drowning. As she looked around she could feel herself grow weaker, each second she looked for the sky was another second she spent without air.

As her eyes met the grey sky through the water, she twisted her body to face it. Every muscle was straining to get to the top, but it only seemed to get further away with each stroke. Her lungs were aching, they long for the air she could not reach. She couldn't give up, she would not submit to the will of the water. I cannot die here.

Then it hit her. The land so to speak. She was greeted with a mouth full of sand as they were dumped onto the beach. Her breathe was rapid, her lungs still ached and she couldn't help but feel she wasn't able to get any oxygen into her body at all. Not to mention she was spluttering all over the place like a fool. As she heaved herself off the ground she couldn't help but wonder what Absinthe would say, no doubt the serpent would disappointed in the woman.

She coughed a couple more times before she looked at her surroundings. She could have sworn this place didn't exist only a few moments ago, and from what she could she it was massive. There was a pulsating feeling in her head as her body felt weak from her panic-struck swimming.

As she noticed the other wolves, she cautiously walked towards them. She had no idea what was going on and from what she heard of the conversation she assumed they would at least know something. "Apologies, but who exactly is Atlahua may I ask?"
"Polareis speaks." "Absinthe speaks."

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