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3 y/o medium Female
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Tsst. Tsst. Tsst.

Over and over again. It was never-ending. The noise was a nuisance. It made her ears twitch in annoyance and her muscles ripple with anger. It was a noise that Amaryllis never knew was possible, but very much wanted to end. 

 And that worst part of it all? She was making it. 

Ever since the female had stepped foot into this land she had... Well, to put it simply, it changed. Her body had been flooded with heat and now, she was miserable. Every inch of her frame felt like it was burning as if she had been covered in flames. Her paws ached with each step she took.. And the noise! Ah, that god damn noise! With every step, no matter how carefully she tried, the ground beneath her sizzled and glowed as it burned. She would normally be alarmed at the sight, terrified even, but there was nothing she could do about this. When it first happened, she’d freaked. Totally went off the rocker. Frantically, she had thrown herself into a snow pile in a feeble attempt to put an end to the madness, but alas, the burning continued, and in turn she made herself look like a fool.

No, this burning was here to stay it seemed. Amaryllis didn’t know why she had been cursed with this...Gift? No, she wouldn’t call it that. There was nothing enjoyable about feeling like you were walking on hot sand 24/7. But anyway, there was nothing she could do to put an end to it. One thing she did know however was damn, she was hot. Too hot. 

The female had been wandering for who knows how long, and by some stroke of luck, it led her here to the bay. Maybe it was the instant relief from the cool breeze blowing off from the water, or just the water itself, but Amaryllis was sure she liked it better out here than stuck in those stuffy woods. Pulling herself towards the water’s edge, the female sighed in relief as the cool water rushed up to the shore and covered her front paws. “Oh god, yes,” She cooed to herself at the sensation. It had to be a blessing from the Gods, this cooling pleasure that the water provided for her. Without much thought, Amaryllis flopped down onto the wet sand beneath her, laughing half frantically to herself as the water came back up and splashed against her body. 

But this relief didn’t last long… Tsst. Tsst. Tsst. The sound was back. Golden green eyes glanced around frantically, searching for the source of that damn annoying sound. A cloud of steam was radiating off of her, a sign that despite the coolness the water provided, her body was hot enough to evaporate it. “Damn it! Somebody kill me or this burning sensation surely will,” Her head flopped back into the sand in defeat. Maybe the ocean would just drag her out and drown her… She wouldn’t complain.


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1 y/o xlarge Female
© SilentWolf

Big paws pressed against the sand, pressed as the wolf who owned them walked by the ocean, slow and ruthless, she took her time to move through the shore. Eyes of red staring at the land before her, as the soft sun rays touched her white hairs. Giving some comfort within the coldness of her loneliness. She had come a long way, a way of months, of weeks of constant traveling, walking here and there. Resting only under the night's touch, but even that was hard for the yearling, sleeping was one of the few things she didn't enjoy.  Sleeping brought back memories she worked hard in getting rid of, those images of what used to be her childhood, a childhood she didn't wish to no one. 

A very long tail crawling upon the sand behind her. The tail was long enough to be unable to fully lift it off the ground, and thus she could only drag it and manage to lift just a portion of it. She was a monster, a rarity in her own way. Albinistic features make her outstanding, but more than a subject to be proud of, it was the main cause she didn't have a home as of now. Albinos weren't seen in a positive light, considered an abomination of nature, and that long tail only added more reasons to make her leave the pack. And that what she did, and here she was now, walking in solitude. There as she did, her shadow moved on its own, as if it had its own life, and even if she wasnt doing so, it wagged its tail and made an expression of smiling. At this point, she got used to such a thing. 

And there she sat down, wishing to rest a few instants. She placed herself to a safe distance from the breaking waves, which she only watched from afar. Her long tail was placed in a way in which it circled her paws like and snake. She was unaware of the other creature. 

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