I hope You'll Be Mine[Isias]


6 y/o large Male
Era, Female Ermine

Calix Kyrimm

“Don’t waste your time looking back, your not going that way”

His entire body was relaxed for the first time in a long time. He was actually happy and felt as if everything was ok. With every day that past he grew more and more attached to the female, his feelings for her grew stronger. Deep down he wanted to tell her how he felt, to be open with her but he was scared. Never had he been so attached to someone that wasnt his family or his brother. He smirked some as he heard her say that he would have to show her his fishing skills, it was definatly something he would be more then happy to show her. But it was when she spoke about the bay that was just past the forest and how a bunch of seals tried to take her out and her fish. Now calix tried his best to not show him smiling at the image of seals chasing Isias. But he got ahold of himself and contiued to listen to Isais speak, now he would have to teach her how to fish. Specially if they chose to stick around a lake or something.

Fish was something that he was more then happy to teach her how to catch. As he sat there just looking at Isias he felt Era wiggle slightly as she scurried down his back and bounce around the ground for a moment before she turned to look at faramond who spoke about a fish slapping her. Era smirked some as she nodded. "They maybe slippery but they sure are tasty when cooked." she said as she sat up with placed her paws together and licked her lips. Calix looked at Era and laughed some, he could tell that she wanted fish. Calix would get fish later, he wanted to focus on Isias for the moment. His eyes watched as she climbed up into a tree and looked down at him. She seemed to rather like being up above everyone. It gave her an advantage. Era could see calix thinking about something but she wasnt quite sure what it was.

"I would love to teach you how to fish Isias. After all it is rather calming to do." he said as he stood up and walked up to the tree and placed his front paws on the trunk. He wasnt a good climber and never would be, he was much to bulky and didnt have the balance for it.

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5 y/o xlarge Female
Faramond, Male Bat

She only just slightly narrowed her eyes, almost as if she was waiting for Calix to burst with laughter about her experience with fish. But he didn't show it. Instead, she looked to Era who went back to the ground before saying that the fish were better when cooked. She gave a slight chuckle, lifting a paw to chuckle to herself. The little ermine could be quite cute at times. Calix then got up and walked closer looking up to her saying that he'd be happy to teach her to fish. She thought it over for a moment. Did she really want to go through that again? A grunt left her as she slightly turned her head away at thinking it was calming. For her, it hadn't been. Although she was good at the waiting game. It was after it was time to spring into action that she didn't like.

Then again, maybe it'd be a bit different. She'd have a much better teacher. 'Not to mention he's handsome.' Faramond teased in her thoughts causing her to suddenly become flustered. Flicking her tail, she looked back to Calix then smirked. "Alright, I'll take you up on that offer." Leaning down toward him, she booped her nose with his before saying "and I'll teach you how to climb trees." Bright orbs flashed almost in a teasing manner as she jumped back down. "Though I think we'll start a step at a time." she turned back to him and looked him up and down before giggling "Don't want ya breaking any branches with that hulky form."

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