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Worry did etch the female's features as the man appeared to be hurting himself, letting his paw bang against the front part of his head Arios was tempted to reach out to stop the contact. Though it appeared she wouldn't have to as the male stopped, turning to glare in her direction, though she surprised herself by not flinching, instead, she felt herself lean forward a little to wipe the tears from him cheeks, even if they did blend well with the rain, some things didn't escape a watchful eye. 

 "U-Uh, yes, p-please, come in! It's cold outside anyway, much warmer in here."

Arios shared his smile, nodding she whispered a small thank you before turning back to the younger male, hoping that he would follow them she gestured for him to come with, letting her paw stretch out towards him and bring back to her chest as she turned to walk next to the brute she'd now be spending her night with, letting her tail follow suit with the swaying of his. Though as they found their shelter once more she shook her pelt free of rain, closing her eyes she let her light dance around each fur, drying them until they were back to their perfect silken curls. And as her eyes opened again she found the face of the man still clad in dampness. 

"Im sorry but, I didn't catch your name." She murmured, though she cleared her throat a moment before adding in. "Names." Looking back to the younger male that had joined them, finding her seat she let her tail curl gently around her paws, waiting in interest she thought she'd introduce herself. "My name is Arios." She said softly, letting her smile delicately pull the corners of her lips, "Y'can call me Ari if you like." She mumbled, a yawn coming across her as she awaited the words of her new companions. 

Art by redemptari @ DA. Table by Centience



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Pele, Female Vulturine Parrot
Ignis shrank a bit as he saw the larger wolf glare at the ethereal woman. Had he been wrong about them being companions? He wondered worriedly, but not a moment later there seemed to be a smile on the male’s face though he looked… off to Ignis, but all the same the larger male invited them in. He saw the woman lean forward and touch the male. He saw the smile on the man’s face, the way his tail wagged. He was happy. The man’s smile seemed to be contagious because the woman began to smile too. For a moment the boy felt warm for another reason unrelated to the fires within his body. He looked down at his paws, shuffling them anxiously, suddenly worried that he was witness to something he shouldn’t have seen. As if he was an outsider. 

Nothing new. A bitter, angry part of him sneered. 

The thought was quickly shoved down into the pit where Ignis was finding himself frequently storing the more negative thoughts of his as he saw the woman’s head turn towards him again. He followed after the two had entered the den, shaking his own fur free of the water droplets. He settled down in a spot that was not too close to the entrance, but not too close to the others, watching quietly in awe as the light around Arios seemed to sort out her fur into neat curls. Ignis felt the gentle beat of wings at his shoulder as Pele removed herself from his back, settling at a place near his paws. He simply sat on his haunches, not necessarily comfortable enough to lay down completely. His claws set off an orange glow on the ground as he sat.

The young boy’s ears pricked towards the woman as she politely asked their names after which she gave her own. Arios. What a pretty name...

“I… Ignis. My name is Ignis,” he mumbled. “Y-You can call me w… whatever you like.” He felt his familiar peck incessantly at his paws and looked down at her. She looked slightly indignant and a soft chuckle came from the young boy’s chest. “This is Pele,” he said fondly, seeming to smile a bit for the first time that night. 

@Arios @Vorona.
"Ignis speaking,"

Table by Centience. Art @ Lunicea

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