Something seems Familiar.


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Sada, Female Island Fox
Haidar was just about done with the small hare he'd nabbed only a few minutes prier. His maw covered in the raw life essence of the creature and the smell still hung all around him. The scent was just enough to indulge in the temptation of more prey but the urgent need to fulfill his mission even greater. Once his mission was complete he would be a free beast, free to take on his most wanted desires and chase the most daring of quests into the great unknown. Yes the idea of becoming a hero of lore and bravery was what set this pup on his way. Quietly he buried the bones of his victim and began again on his quest. This time though it felt really strange instead of running in one direction in particular.. something was off. Slowly he took a look behind him and the landscape looked the same as before. Almost like he hadn't moved an inch but his legs were still drumming along the earth below him. 

Haidar stopped and twisted around in a circle. Everything was the same, every way he looked and turned it was the same picture. Was this a cursed treasure he had stumbled upon? His heart started to beat a bit faster with his excitement. He stopped turning and took a good look at the picture in front of him. It was the same tree he had eaten under and the pile of buried bones was still visible. Obviously the bones themselves weren't his treasure.. or so he hoped. Eating a magical creature was a great mistake indeed. Slowly his eyes scanned the tree for any loose knots in the trunk or any odd markings that marred its trunk.. But he could see nothing. His eyes drifted up to its leaves and scanned the delicate buds of youth and as his eyes tried to peer into its depths a strong wind lifted him up and seemed to place him just outside the branches reach. Though it was an initial shock it came as no surprise that he was able to do such a thing from all the other nonsense he'd discovered while tracking these lands. 

What was nonsense though were these brazen brown eyes peering at him through the leaves. This odd but capturing phenomenon that pulled at the strings of his heart. Those eyes seemed to form a complete bond with him and yet it was fleeting. The tether between his soul and those eyes was thin but it had roped him in like a pup to color feathers. He was afraid to move at this point his figure and demeanor much larger and bolder then this timid little thing, but he wanted to. He wanted to pull it from its hiding place and keep it near him for as long as he could. "My name is Haidar." He mumbled out to the little creature, but as soon as he had the eyes disappeared into the foliage. Another voice echoed back but not out loud. It was a quiet but playful voice, almost like a little girl trying to get her older brother to play. "If you catch me.. I'll tell you mine." It cooed, initiating a challenge he could not refuse. 

A smirk riddled his face as he took a good whiff of the air. Her scent was spicy but in a savory type way. Its odor covering the entire tree and easy to tell this was her perch. He'd stepped into her territory and he was on the wrong end of the stick. A soft giggle came from no where and everywhere all at once. She was laughing at him and he could not stop his anger from bubbling up just a tad. "You know.. You make this seem really hard.." He mused moving slowly around the side of the tree, still floating a good 5 feet above the ground using his air magic. "I bet.." He paused as a slight movement lurked just out of reach. "I bet you are actually quite easy to catch." He heard an audible scoff from just a few feet inside the branches. "Yeah.. I bet you're slow and obvious compared to someone like me." Slowly he moved in on her position. Having pinpoint her location right after the scoff and only using his art of words as a ploy to get her angry and arrogant. Quickly he darted in from the side, his jaws wide open to snatch a tail or a limb as she fluttered away up the tree. Only.. Her eyes were there and it stopped him mid snatch. His jaws slowly coming to a close before another giggle echoed in his head and the eyes were gone. 

He was stunned. His head was stuck in a place of awe and crazy lust for this one creature. It was a lust of ownership, to own her and control this little devil in disguise. He heard her voice again only it was from the outside not the inside. "Many have come to my tree, but only one has ever seen my eyes twice. Come wolf of the outside, let me show you the glorious riches you so desire.. And if you will wish to have me.. You shall."  She was taunting him even so. A growl rose from his chest and he lurked forward into the tree, the wind tossing him easily through to the other side. He saw her then, an oddly colored fox with hazel legs and a peppered back. Nothing too glorious to his taste but still his desires told him to keep chasing and he did. Her body was graceful and fluid over this rolling terrain, the hills seeming to rise and fall like the tides of the ocean but yet still rough and hard on his paw pads. She never turned back to look at him and they seemed to run together with him on her tail for what felt like hours. The scene unchanging and something about it filling him with unease. 

He almost stopped chasing once or twice but the idea of the adventure she might be taking him on was too powerful for him to just leave to chance. In almost an instant the scene came to an end and she was standing there in front of a large black door. Engraved on the front was a symbol he'd never forget. It was the symbol of the paladins of old. A story his father used to tell him about as a child. They were said to have riches beyond time and artifacts that would put any other to shame, but they died out long before anyone could question them about it. Buried their treasure deep in the earth were not even the light could find it. His heart pounded in his chest as he started upon the door. Unwilling to allow even the slightest detail of it to be forgotten. 

"Its yours." She mused out with a bit of venom in her voice. The sharpness of her words causing him to stumble mentally and look upon her. "What do you mean it's mine?" He growled at her. His voice being a bit harsh after all the teasing and now the attitude change. His stance turned defensive and for a moment he forgot all about the door. Her body tensed and her lips pulled back to show off small little ivories posed to strike. "I mean.. If you want the treasure take it. Just remember which one is worth more before you choose."  She hissed out and jumped up on a ledge next to the door. Slowly his mind molded her words and shaped them. Jumbling them around in different ways to try and understand what she meant by her statement. He stared at the door again this time wondering if there was some strange code to it. The more he looked at the door them more he realized what she was talking about. She was saying he could take one treasure from this place. This world.. His eyes left the door and looked up at the sky, the blueish tint becoming clear that this was nothing like the world he lived in and something about it started to feel very ominous. A crackle of shattering glass echoed somewhere behind him and he looked and could see that the image was breaking. His dream was leaving him and if he didn't choose soon.. Well he'd get nothing. Quickly he jumped up and snagged the fox in his jaws, his maw gentle but firm as he felt the entire place around him crumble into dust and fall away. 

When he opened his eyes a bright light startled him, the sun was high in the sky now and he had wasted half a day. Something squirmed in his muzzle and he almost jumped away out of shock. His maw instead forcing the creature into the dirt and revealing it easily to him. It was the same fox from his dream but she looked way more realistic and lifelike then in his dream. A proud gleam in her eyes as she lay there and look up at him. "My name is Saba."  She purred into his mind her eyes glinting with mischief, the kind he didn't like at all.


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