Xzabrie Ragnulf


32 y/o medium Female

I am looking for an active player to adopt Zen's brother Xzabrie. Xzie for short.

I Have art of him posted on discord. for the player to use for his table.

Here's a little about Xzie. All of his life Zen has abused him both mentally, physically, and sexually. He has abused him to the point where he feels worthless if he isn't receiving some sort of abuse from him. This causes him serious anxiety about becoming close with anyone. It has also left him questioning his sexuality. He is uncertain what he is attracted to because all he can think about his pleasing his brother in any way. However, he also fights with himself about breaking free and fantasizes about turning the tables on his brother. being the one to abuse him and show him just who is in control but its always just a fantasy. his mind set always reverts back to being whatever it is his brother needs. he is always insanely possessive over Zen. To the point he can become abusive towards those close with him. he will do everything in his power to sabotage any relationships that Zen has but he is pathetically terrible at it.

Xzie is an abuse addict. He will intentionally anger zen to get an abusive reaction. He will also pray on zen's blood lust and attempt to send him into a frenzy for then he can be in control. Where ever Zen is, xzie isn't far behind and yet, he does try and leave. He knows their dynamic is toxic and he often tries to run away but he cant help that need to be abused. If his brother isn't around he will search for someone else to play the roll of abuser to him but it's never the same as his brother. In the end he always comes back to zen, one way or another.

Xzie is typically submissive to just about everything that he encounters. However, he is very intelligent. just beneath the surface of that abused little scared wolf is a powerful mind capable of serious manipulation. He will get what he wants no matter the cost. He can't help but want to attach himself to someone who wants to save him but he ultimately sabotages those relationships. He becomes brave and aggressive when someone threatens his brother, the truth of his potential shows then.

He is allowed to develop further in character. However, the need to be abused/be around zen is something that zen took years installing into him so it's something he'll never truly overcome.

Xzie is allowed to enter any of zen's threads and Zen can enter any of his. I really want someone who can understand what it's like to be an extreme submissive with masochistic traits. I also need him to be active. He is allowed to interact with anyone and even develop his own life, with the possibility of love, but he will always attempt to self sabotage.

Please post an RP example of him interacting with Zen if your interested in adopting him.

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