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spring, year 1

Spring has arrived on Nidria! While it's only the first day, the wolves have seen the sweeping changes of the land since the end of winter. The mornings and nights may still be a little bit on the frosty side but the sun is shinning more often than not now. Flowers are beginning to bloom, animals are waking from their hibernation & prey will begin to become more abundant. 

The magicka of Nidria — those who carry on the old traditions are in a flurry of excitement with preparations for Vernal. 


From the deep slumber of the cold the world emerges with the promise of new life. The wolves of Nidria have survived the harsh winter and now find themselves in the midst of balance. The weather itself is still cold, residing on the very end of the coldest season, but it is beginning to change and warmer days will soon follow. During this time, the Turtle and Stag affinities may feel strengthened, and the Bear affinity may feel weakened. Magic displays are a common occurrence as the balance between light and dark is celebrated with festivals revolving around those that fall under the Stag affinity and those that fall under the Ram affinity, as well as rituals and performances dedicated to the sun and moon. Floral accessories are a common sight worn by the Stag affinity during this celebration to represent the life that sunlight brings, while bones and paint that resembles blood are usually worn by the Ram affinity to represent the moon and the darkness that typically accompanies death. While these two affinites are praised, all affinities are permitted to join the celebrations but are recommended to avoid sporting the same accessories so as not to disrupt the balance.

Plants of Vernal: Bluebell, Bloodroot, Dutch Crocus, Daisy, Dogwood, Primrose
Stones of Vernal: Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Diamond, Emerald
Colors of Vernal: Blue, Red, Black, White
Activities of Vernal: Stories, Feasts, Magic Displays, Body Painting, Sparring

the plot

The yearly IC events are a great way for your character to build relations & start plots between characters, unexpected or otherwise. The staff want to challenge you to create or join a vernal thread! They can be anywhere, at any point in the day & may include activities listed or you may come up with your own traditions. All we ask is that you mark the thread with the prefix [E] so we know that's what it is!

Vernal threads may be started any time from now 3/19 through 4/9 and may be completed at your own pace


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