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Ciaran Zhaoiani

7 y/o medium Female
Was this a dream?

Snow swirled around her, buffeting her as she lay curled up on the plateau below the peak of the great mountain. It had not been so long since she had woken from slumber and found herself here. Or had it been a lifetime? Her past was a haze but she knew who she was - Ciaran Zhaoiani, daughter of the longtime Emperor of the Winter, Nylah, and her mother, his Empress, Willow - that had not changed.

Yet she was changed.

Upon the edge, Ciaran rose and looked out. Her eyes were watching the horizon, watching the light from the sun as the star began the journey upwards, just having risen in the east. They spun, for a moment she felt the turning of the ground beneath her but then it was gone, and Ciaran looked upwards to the sky. She watched the few remaining stars darken and fade, giving way to the blue spectrum of light.

Her head looks down, light glittering across her antlers. She still had her shells, and feathers upon them, and the blue jewel around her throat. Ciaran wondered for a moment but accepted. Her strengths were stronger, she could feel, her sense of smell was powerful as she inhaled the morning air.

And she bowed her head back to give one short but gentle note, calling to the sky. She then leapt down from the place she had rested, going to the edge of the mountain’s edge, claws overhanging as she looked out.

This was something different, in more ways than one, and she looked towards it with curiosity and excitement.



4 y/o small Female
Honey, Male Sugar glider
she acts like summer and walks like rain

Freya sighed, her breath coming before her in a small cloud of vapor before disappearing behind her at the speed of her travels. Her wings beat with audible gusts as she soared high above the clouds. Ones that she'd been slumbering on in her adventure. It had been a few days travel, with a warning to Isias of her whereabouts she wished to visit the north, rejoice in the cooler air and see a part of the land she hadn't visited since her first year. And with her strength renewed, she could see it for all its beauty. 

The female looked down at the darkening clouds, heavy with snow they begged to release the pent up material, wishing to become light once more. Freya couldn't help but oblige, clutching the cloak wrapped around her in her teeth she tucked her head and dove down towards the clouds, breaking them apart so they released showers of snow, though after she was coated for the third time she chose to rather fly close to them so the air from her wings broke them instead. Though as the hour drug on she became tired, not trusting the clouds to stay still she broke through them a final time, treading through the air the woman zipped across the mountain at unbelievable speeds, finally coming to rest with a shaky landing on Mt. Naira, shaking herself from the snow she adjusted her cloak so the hood fell from her face, the leather now draped across her back so Honey could snuggle into it to keep himself warm. Freya knelt down so that her chest and the remained of her legs touched the snow, taking in a few large mouthfuls she let the substance sit on her tongue until it melted, the best she could do for a drink. 

Though as the sun rose, she felt another presence, leaning back on her haunches she stood on her hind legs, wings spreading as she prepared to take off if the situation held it so, the markings on her face glowing faintly as power surged through her chest. Perhaps it was the morning's high winds, or that she'd been within her element for the past few days, but despite it all, she felt powerful. Just as Isias taught her to be. Though she did not speak to this stranger, she felt the woman coming nearer, the winds carrying the female's scent just as easily as they did Freya's.  

she listens like spring and talks like june


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