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7 y/o xlarge Male
Rhea, Female Gray fox

Dhara had awoken before the sun was in the sky, careful as he was being trapped by both Elle's warmth, and Rhea asleep on his shoulders. The later of the two had been far easier to move than the other. Rhea had always been a heavy sleeper, and Dhara struggled not to coo over the messiness of Elle's hair or the small twitches of her ears when his warmth had left hers. Now, he was on a mission, with the changing of season to the of Elle's birth he wanted to do something special for her, something he'd been planning for quite some tie if he'd ever get the courage to do so. He now stood in the center of a barren clearing, it was small, a slight break in the trees where the sun shone through the branches towering above. When the morning sun came to rise the forest would be basked in an orange glow, a beautiful sight to behold. 

Dhara began to sing, soft and sweet so that the land before him became overgrown in petals and berries and all the beauty he could conjure aside from Elle herself. His cheeks burned as he continued his song, trying to make everything perfect for her before the sun rose. And when it was all done, and Dhara was satisfied with his work, he set off to go and wake Elle and bring her to her breakfast and sunrise, a day just for them and them only. His ears twitched uncomfortably as the area between his antlers itched. He paused for a moment and tried to get the area with his paw, however, he couldn't quite reach it, the base of the antler stopped anything that would be a decent scratch. He looked around then for a tree, finding one a little bit away from the den the perfect size he grinned, walking over he fit his antlers around the trunk and rubbed the space between them against it, sighing as his forehead received its desperately wanted attention, humming in the pleasure of it all Dhara unknowingly caused the tree before him to grow ever so slightly, branches tangled in his antlers and as he moved to leave the tree, found himself snugly trapped against the trunk. 

He paused for a long moment, eyes widening as he gave another firm yank, his neck offering a bit of pain as he did so. Starting to fret he placed his front paws on the tree and pushed, though none of his efforts offered more than shaking the poor plant life now attached to him. He whined softly and quickly yelled over his mindlink to Rhea, appearing as if in a dream to the poor fox she was quickly startled awake from Dhara's fretting voice in her skull. Though once she stepped out of the den to investigate she promptly fell on her rear to laugh at her companions foolery. 

"Y-you PFT Oh sugar." She cackled, Dhara snorted in response. "Get help." He hissed, embarrassment flooding him as he placed all four paws against the tree, trying desperately to get himself unstuck, which only worsened his situation. Rhea went back into the den still giggling and began nudging Elle, "El, babes get p your gonna wanna see this." She snickered as she proded the female more."The big strong man is stuuuuuuck."  She wheezed, falling back from laughter once more she bounced out of the den to be entertained by Dhara's presence. 

"Dhara speaking" | "Rhea speaking"

Table by Centience. Art by xxslow-burnxx @ DA


6 y/o medium Female
Atarah, Female Hummingbird
" Just around the riverbend "

She was content, in a sound slumber there in their cave, in fact she hadn't noticed Dhara rising, nor his missing warmth that was once beside her. Only shifting slightly as more room became available in the den, allowing her the chance to stretch out. It was some kind of...prodding, nudging that would begin to draw her from sleep, a single ear twitching in Rhea's direction at first. Barely opening one teal eye to peek at the fox....what did she want? It was too early. "El, babes get up your gonna wanna see this." still she kept her other eye closed, peering at Rhea with sleepy discontent. What on earth could be so important that she needed to see right now? She sighed, shifting more, slowly blinking the sleep from her eyes, allowing the other one to finally open as well as she stretched out her front paws splaying her toes. Still giving Rhea that look as Atarah began to uncurl from her place tangled in the long fur upon her head. Just as disturbed as Elle was by Rhea waking them up. Atarah would peek her head out from the jumble of brown fur, glaring grumpily at Rhea. "The big strong man is stuuuuuuck."  she lifted her head then. 

"Stuck? Rhea...what are you talking about?" she groaned, finally pushing herself to get up. A yawn drawing from her maw as she lowered the front half of her body to the earth, keeping her rump prompted up in the air to get that perfect stretch down her back. "Alright, alright i'm coming" she would muse with another yawn, messy braid dragging over the ground as she would follow the little fox kit out. "Dhara, what happ — " she would begin, until her gaze rose to grace over his....predicament. She couldn't help it, the bubble of laughter that rose from her chest, quickly lifting a paw and lowering her head in an unsuccessful attempt to muffle her laugh. There he was in all of his...glory, antlers snugly gripped by the branches of the tree. 

She padded over, closer to get a better look, trying to stretch her nose, pushing herself up onto her toes to try and get a better look. All the while trying to bite back more giggles. She tossed a glance to him, smirking "He likes you" she laughed (the tree of course) she could ask him if he really wanted her to. She smirked then, plopping herself down beside him, beginning to groom out the end of her braid. "Dhara...love, just...undo it?" she mused, offering him a lopsided smile. Oh dear, he was going to be really embarrassed now.

"Elle speaking" | "Atarah speaking"

Art by Hyssie. Table by Centience


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