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"  their smiles of plated gold; "

This meeting is MANDATORY!
Failure to participate will result in being kicked from the order
Please review The order rank page to get an idea of where your character may fit in best, as ranks will also be handed out during this meeting. 


It had been months they'd been trying to scramble from the shadows, she had found Mundane hiding in nearly every corner of Nidria, and though they had enough now to call themselves The Order once more, they were still small and she knew she'd need to continue her search to add numbers to their ranks. The weight she carried upon her shoulders, she knew would never end. Not until she took her last breath, be it on the battle field or from old age. Though she preferred the latter, she would feel more satisfied knowing she died to the jaws of her purpose than to rot when time finally withered her body away. The empress rose with grace this morning, confidence and power with every step as she lifted herself from her den and seat and lowered her haunches upon the cold blood stained stone. 

Her back faced the grove, golden eyes set out over the cliff at the raging sea. Thoughts churning like the oceans rolling water crashing violently upon the rocky ledge of which she perched. Stone towers of old looming at her sides, oh the history this land held. She could feel the power of her ancestors she could feel it flooding through her veins, tied in with that of all the souls cleansed on the very stone her paws pressed against on this morning. A gentle huff would push through pale aqua nostrils, her brother had been scarce again, his diminishing presence set in a certain rage within the womans chest. He could not abandon her, he was chosen to be the leader as well, but she would not standby while he let her do all the work. She was always the primary one - it had been clear. And as far as she was concerned, until he proved her otherwise, his position was null. 

The woman gave a light shake of her head, pulling her focus back, there were more important things than her brothers inability to attend to on this day. On this day all of Nidria would know the Order had risen once more. And may her call shake fear into the poisoned hearts of the Magicka that would hear her song. She took a deep breath — and then another before her head craned to the skies a strong and pure song echoing over the horizon of sea, echoing through the central territories she would push her vocals as far as they could reach. To call not only her people to her, but also signify to Nidria that she was back. The order was back. 

And this time they would not fall. 

"Anaru speaking,"

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He had not managed to wander too terribly far since his encounter with Anaru. It was not as if he had any plans to avoid returning home to where mommy was, possibly worried sick. The problem was simply that he could not remember where home was exactly. It would have been impossible for the mundane woman to keep him following obediently at her side while she traveled in search for the other mundane she seeked, especially when there was so much to look at. For an individual like Rat who had not seen much of the world in the span of his short life, everything was very overwhelming and exciting.

As it would turn out, he'd found another river of sorts. It was looked at with a bit of caution unlike last time but the warmer weather was enough to quickly convince him it was safe enough. His white fur did not remain clean for much longer as he rolled in the mud once again, a habit he tended to do when he was in the sun too long and his skin began to hurt and feel too tight. He did not really understand the concept of his albinism and the sunburns he was very prone to should he be out and about too long.

It was the sound of a call ringing through the air that made him freeze up for a moment. Wait, he recognized that voice. Perking up, he found himself scrambling up from the muck, he wandered through the trees, quickly growing lost for a time before her bright colored fur appeared. "Anaru! Look, mud!" Scrambling toward her, he very nearly rammed his dirty self right in to her, barely managing to stop in time as he beamed at her, clearly very proud of himself while also completely oblivious that they would not be alone for much longer.




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Her call rumbled like thunder and shown like the rainbow pattern on her slender wings, awakening the lithe, alabaster form from the calm of the rising sun; roseate gaze scarred across handsome features as lids rose and body stretched, succumbing to the gathering voice which rose over the shiver of trees and the sing song of Spring birds. Slender visage of the pale man lingered on the edge of the Plantation, passed like a geist among the autumn fervor of the Red Gate grove, and quenched his thirst on the rivers of the Mara Wash where it reeked with the stench of death, though the physical memory may have passed on. Long tresses kissed the green of unfamiliar grasses, over gravel and sand, the careful meticulous motion towards the birthplace of The Order unhurried in its streamlined purpose. He had not lied to Anaru when he told the pastel-colored woman that he had found a friend -- that is -- someone who could take the place of the hole in his heart, to fulfill his parched lips with the taste of that familiarity of destruction known to him since birth. A subtle, deadened shiver ran down the coarse of his spine, causing the tresses he carried to sway genteel against his sylphlike figure.

Anaru! Look, mud!

Single, Anubis-like audit flicked as he came upon the grove, albino silhouette entangled in long strands of lengthy locks as legs mimicked the swaying of his body underneath the pallid fur. It was first the similarity of white fur and red eyes with which he cast a monotone look upon to the boy caked in heavy mud, his body disgraceful in its immaturity. Tongue laced behind the back of the man's teeth, but he held his rebuke to the child-like antics, for that was all it was. A child.

Blurry vision flickered from the winged boy, to the matriarch who held herself taller than the trees of Founder's Grove, perhaps taller than the Gods of Nidria -- taller than even Eleutheria.

Ialu dipped his svelte muzzle downwards in a respectful bow to the woman, though not low enough to enact subservience to her cause, for he would hold her to the title of friend, and he would keep it as such. With a mane seemingly neverending with bangs that curled about his fine face, he sat closest to the front of where they would all begin to trickle in, tail curving locks to wrap pleasantly about his paws and over his paws gently.


Ialu's Accelerated Hearing allows his ears to process sound at such a rate that he could 
hear a caught gasp of breathe as an entire exhale and discern it enough with time to react to whatever caused said sound.


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Therion wasn't sure why and how the emaciated white spectre had been able to convince him to come back to this... Order, but something about the prospect had piqued his interest, and now it refused to let go. Maybe he'd been on his own for so long that he'd forgotten what the company of others had been like, or maybe it was because the organization's name had sparked a dim memory that he'd locked away in the back of his mind. Either way, he'd told this strange man -- Ialu -- that he would check it out. He didn't promise he would stay, but gathering some information was the least he could do. If nothing else, some intelligence might prove valuable down the line if he decided he wasn't interested. Strangle, though, he had a feeling he'd be interested.

For the most part, he'd lingered at the edge of the grove, but it finally seemed that their leader intended to call a meeting, which had been exactly what Therion was waiting for. This was the moment of truth. 

The woman's call instilled a deep coldness at his core, chilled him and somehow invigorated him all at once. Therion found her to be just as beautiful and intimidating as he'd imagined. Her pale and colourful coat was captivating, and there was a hunger in her eyes that he found drawing. He shook the thought quickly, not wanting to let himself develop any impressions or opinions before hearing what this wolf had to say. He spotted the mysterious ivory wolf from before not far from the woman, along with another creature. This one was winged, and clearly quite young. His pale fur was caked in mud, and Therion wrinkled his nose at the sight. Was this really the manner of creature he wanted to rank himself amongst? He tried to push the thought away, making to mental note to stay away from that winged wolf if he wanted to keep his own fur pristine. He didn't do well around children, anyway.

As the sounds of others filling into the grove reached his ears, Therion could feel himself beginning to close inward, his pelt beginning to crawl. Instinct told him to get away from this, yelled at him for being so foolish as to even think he might fit into a group setting, but he drew a few deep breaths and calmed himself. He needed to hear what this woman had to say first. After all, for all the admiration he'd held toward his father until he final days, there had to be a reason that man had stuck with this group (even if this wasn't exactly the same group). Perhaps he could make a good impression in the process, and he padded closer to the front, taking a seat not far from Ialu. He was a little further back, but close enough that he wouldn't be difficult to notice. He just hoped that wouldn't backfire.
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Her summons loud, powerful, and it abruptly captivated his attention. The warmonger would abandon his hunt immediately, rising from his crouched position and causing the young doe to startle and bound off with her fawn. Savas would flick an ear dismissively towards them as they disappeared, he had more important matters to attend to now. The earthy colored wolf turned and angled to a place he was all to familiar with, a place that brought back vivid memories of his childhood. A small smile pulled at his lips at the memories, but this was no time to reminisce, he would reflect later, for now, the wolf was all business.

Despite his hurried stride, he was not the first to arrive, in fact, he felt like he was the last to arrive. Frowning slightly, the self scolding was clear in his eyes as they found Anaru. She was first to gather his attention, a deep bow of his head, one paw curling under his chest to perfect the respectful acknowledgement. Savas moved forward calmly but confidently as he took a spot off to Anaru’s right, angling so that if anyone attempted to harm her, he could cut them off. Protective as always, but there was more to it….there had been ever since they’d met on the lake. Eyes were eventually pulled downward to the child that was rather….excited… at her paws. His brow raised slightly as he sent a curious glance in her direction before turning to the others. He hadn’t been aware she had brought in a child, none the less, he would welcome the child as he would anyone else. Without much acknowledgement.

The emaciated wolf was looked over rather quickly; he was not a threat that either of them could not handle. His amber eyes would settle on Therion, a stranger and one that could be a threat. He was strong and lean with a set of antlers- and Savas was all to aware of how lethal they could be as he had a rack of his own. The male was much more colorful than Savas, lending him to stand out much more. Finally, Savas would turn back to Anaru, waiting for her to address the small bunch.


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the truth is often one's best shield.


The ears of the male swiveled forward as he approached with confidence, every push of his shoulders sending impulses through his arms -- rippling muscles bulging forth under sodden furs as he took a seat on left side of his Queen. He would greet her not with a bow or wave, but the flattening of his ears and that oh-so-familiar swaying of his tail. Those toasted honey eyes that adorned his handsome face were pooling with pride, glory, for the leader that sent her siren-song flying high to the stars. He hoped their fallen could hear her hymns, her battlecry that would soon be the anthem they used to trimpth over the unholy that flooded this land. 

He felt his chest draw in a breath, lifting himself higher in his seat as he made eye contact with the fellow armourer from across the way. Odin took note in how Savas let his aphrodisiacal eyes wrap around Anaru's slender frame, and it was obvious by the way his body flexed that it wasn't sitting too happily in his gullet. Odin, typically the first out of the lot of them to voice his mind, was found letting his tongue flounder behind his low-snarling teeth, shifting his legs around and digging his claws into the dirt. This... Wasn't the most appropriate way to act, and he knew it, but the one thing on Odin that was stronger than his swing was his own emotions. The male swallowed his pride, turning his vision from Savas to look at a younger boy who was quite frankly covered in mud. He chuckled, giving the adolescent a chipper smile that didn't last too long as he turned his attention back towards his matriarch. 

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Velvet wings had been recently preened and were tucked tightly against her soft pink sides. Soft feather antenna swiveled as the vibration of the call pushed through their small fibers. Long audits pushed forward as she disregarded her previous task. So, it was happening. Their childhood stories were coming through. The order was rising from the ashes of the past. Would they be just as bloody and glorious as they had been all those years ago? She was certain they would be something to behold and so she had decided to make her mark within them.
Her intentions were to slowly submerge herself into the pack and eat away everything that her father believed belonged to him. However, with his absence it was evident that she would need to find her own way. It wasn’t like she didn’t know how to manipulate her way to victory but it was simply less exciting without that chaos fueled behind her. She allowed one last look at the edges of the lands and then followed the sound of restless paws.
Her head was held high, shoulders squared back, as she allowed herself to saunter along the edges. She wanted to watch everything and everyone. If this was the place she was calling home then she needed to know who exactly filled its ranks. Was there anyone worth a damn here beside herself? Her feathers shifted around her limbs as she found herself seat just far enough to see everyone else but close enough so that their new monarch to could she had indeed heeded the call. 
Her gaze shifted from one wolf to the other. A soft albino looking wolf pranced around exposing the mud caked in his fur. She was curious if that one was still a child or simply child minded. She turned her attention towards the alabaster man who quietly offered his support. Promising. She thought as she shifted her gaze towards the next male that had found his place a little farther than the alabaster male. He was draped in hues of blue and held rather interesting horns. Her gaze shifted towards yet another antler decorated man. His gaze was locked on the man much like himself. Possible conflict, that could be fun.
The last was Odin to grace her view. The annoyance of a man she had met when first encountering Anaru. It had been rather annoying to share some personal details with him being present but she had anyway. So, was she the only other female in a sea of men? Did they flock to their Monarch out of a desire to be more than just another male clawing at the edges of a women’s bed? It would only mean that she would prove far better company to keep then those simple minded brutes.
Her gaze landed back towards Anaru, she allowed a supportive bow of her head to be given. It was only directed at her. She would eventually meet all her new comrades’ and perhaps clash some fangs. She knew the placed she wanted within the Order and she would prove it was meant for her rather than those simpleminded men.


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"the answers you seek are amongst the heavens;"
Ithena could feel the spring rays of sun come on and off her back as she trekked through the forests of the one place she knew to call home. She liked this place for its solitary feeling of no Magicks or the annoyance of anyone who she deemed untrustworthy. Compared to the encounter she had with the male wolf in the Winter, Ithena had found herself in much better conditions, thanks to Freya. She was greatful but again, she found herself wondering the wilds of Nidria alone. It was at this time that she considered a familiar like that of Honey, but the idea of looking after another creature outside her wolf blood didn't apeal to her. She found the remainds of some mouse on the trail hours before, but she could feel her hunger pains returning. Another wish that she were a part of something more than just loneliness and her complaining thoughts.

Some time later, a howl rose to the skies and Ithena halted in her tracks. The voice was summoning. Ithena sat down to consider answering the call. She figured it wouldn't be anyone of the Elements, for they were forbidden from this place. She didn't recognize the voice and her curiosity climbed to knew heights. What if they needed help? At that thought, Ithena rose to her paws and followed the voice and the direction it came from when the voice subsided. When she arrived on the scene, she was dumbfounded and her projected may have made the female very much see through to those around her.

She found herself standing before many individuals. Many coat colors, many new scents. Of course, one scent made her fur bristle as much as the heat that rose to her furred cheeks when the female set dark eyes on the brute who nearly tore her throat out. She would have lunged at him, but it seemed mist had their attention on a colorful female with wings. Ithena stared at her in awe before noticing that some were bowing to her. Was she the one who summoned them? So many...Ithena wondered who she was and what was going on. The female bowed, despite her projection possibly making her to be the odd one out. Still....He curiosity was there, but fear clawed at her. Despite the familiar scent of Mundane hanging think in the air, Ithena didn't know where or not she could trust these wolves.
"Ithena speaking,"

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One for sorrow, two for mirth
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For these past few days, Ethos made sure to stop by and visit his former captain. Each encounter with the older fellow was littered with training and a bit of chatter about the world. This particular time, however, were there particular words laid out before him. A mention that the Order is soon to return. At first, he would laugh at the old man’s attempt to persuade him away from the path he has already chose. But with the fondness he held for him, Ethos couldn’t turn down the promise to at least check it out for him.

Sadden to have to leave the meadows for a while, the man ensured those he was taking care of that he wouldn’t be gone too long. Letting go of a heavy breath, he carried on from this grassland and slithered his way through the trees of Red Gate Woods. And although he discovered the borders of where this coven was said to be, he camped out in the woods for a day until a call was uttered.

Ethos had risen from his resting spot, looking in the direction of where the call emitted from. A part of him wanted to just leave and try again another day—but he trusted the words of the one that had helped him grow. He wouldn’t put it past himself to be unsettled by the idea of being in a group again, especially now that he has gotten used to living on his own. Patting down his comfort, he would take his first step into the grove.

The vines that hung from his piercings had tightened to ensure they would not get in the way of his tracking. Every scent he breathed in, he took in what information they offered him. Each smell became heavier the closer he got to the gathering. His olive gaze drew up, seeing the presence of a few figures up ahead. With that he slowed his pace, the once warrior bringing his nose up from the ground.

There they were.

Slitted eyes scanned all those that gathered here. As much as he wanted to lie low, his size was working against him. So, he wouldn’t hide. Why did he want to? Like a guard keeping an eye on the masses, he remained behind and outside the gathering—placing his rump down as he sought to only watch and listen. Whatever dust would possibly be blown in his face, he was ready to blow it back.

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A calling echoed out over the land he'd been protecting for as long as he could remember. The voice was one he had wished to hear for the last few years of his life. It was an answer and a question all wrapped in a silky tone. The weight of its call carrying over all of founder's grove and probably even farther. It was time to gather, time to start planning and keeping promises made long ago. When he was a pup this call would have excited him to no end. He would have leaped up and ran to her as fast as he could but that was then.. And this is now. He knew what blindly following lead to.. Now. When she disappeared the night of the attack he wondered what had happened to her. He had thought they were friends enough to be entitled to information like that but he wasn't. He watched her through the fury of the battle and then when it was all over.. Everyone was gone. 

Another snarl ripped through his muzzle but the scents of many began to fill the grove. His eyes turning an ashen shade of gray as he picked through the many scents. Many were coming to her wanting to be apart of her army. He wanted to be apart of her army. He wanted to trust her and believe she'd keep her word. Slowly his body turned and he followed the waving  scents of many. His jaws were clenched around a freshly killed white hare. It was about to be breakfast for him but it would serve as a gift to her highness. 

By the time he arrived at the gathering spot many wolves had already appeared, including his adoptive brother, Odin. He sat at the back of the crowd for a moment wondering if maybe he shouldn't do what he was thinking about doing.. But deep inside their was a voice of trouble and right now it was the only one speaking. Easily he shifted through the front of the crowd not even looking at anyone other then the woman in command. Once he was within sight of her he tossed the rabbit at her feet. The red points along its side revealing exactly how tight he'd held it. "Well.. Well.. Well the princess has returned. Now here you stand ready to just take ownership of the sacred home..." He paused his voice dripping with a dark sense of humor. "Wheres your brother Little Anaru." He dared. He knew he'd poke a nerve here but he'd settle it with her later. "Two of you were chosen and yet one of you stands. This little gathering might be quaint and the start of something beyond all of us.. But following someone who merely was named Monarch out of bloodline wont do it for me. You're gonna have to show me who you are princess or the darkness inside us all will split us apart." He growled before turning his back on her. Everything inside of hims screaming to defend his weaker points from her in case of a lash but he didn't. He waited wondering what she would do whilst on the spot. Instead he took a few steps and sat just behind the first few and waited for her to begin her meeting. For her to defend herself and her brother if she so wished it.

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