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Ora found herself perking her ears at the voice she knew belonged to her childhood friend, Anaru. The dark pelted female flexed her wings, getting ready to take to the skies. She knew that Anaru must be summoning many bodies to her for a special reason and Ora made it a point to be there for her friend as much as she could. Thick or thin, especially during the days of their training. 

Anaru had her skills as well as Ora and they trained in combat together, side by side or against one another to strengthen their skills. Now, as young adults, Anarua was Queen. Ora remained her shadow, a protector, as Ora saw herself, when others weren't near. She had her place and now it was time to make use of herself at this meeting Anaru had called for. The female stretched her wings and took to the skies after she snapped from her thoughts and flew to the place she trailed the howl towards and spotted and growing group of wolves down below. 

The female took in the group briefly before she noticed a wolf come and go from Anaru. She heard everything as she neared the earth. She landed with a large umph and growled at the Male as he retreated. "How dare you speak to your Queen in such a manner!" She bellowed. "Show some respect, you idiot." She flexed her wings in anger and outrage. "That goes for everyone here." She added as an extra measure. To her surprise, a large Male had stepped in as well. To learn that the Male was a brother to him, Ora stepped down from her hostilities and sat herself beside her friend. "Fucking bastard." She muttered, glaring at the insulant male. She did wonder where Anarus brother was. She glanced at Anaru and bowed her apology to her in the event she may have overstepped.


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the truth is often one's best shield.


It had seemed the winds of reason were taking a new route today -- a path that flew between his ears and focused his sights on a familiar pattern swimming in the crowd of loyal churchgoers. Or, well, he'd thought so, originally. The male straighted his posture as the sea parted, and out of the waves did his own blood step forth. He wished so dearly for him to have bowed his head and leave his offering, but of course that's not how it went. How naive of the sitting beast to believe his brother would ever spare him more than a seconds silence, how ignorant of him to muster up the expectation that this would be a normal Midweek Service. "Eleutheria, please, have mercy, he knows not what he's saying."  Odin's prayers had been rejected, as Fallyn was loose at the jaw, blabbing utter nonsense in a tone so vile the very words felt as if they were wrapped in arsenic. 

At first, the honey-eyed brute was perplexed at his rambling, head tilting in an angle as the smaller male walked a tad closer. He wanted to ask him what he was speaking of, wanted to know where he'd gotten such knowledge from, but there seemed to be little time for that. He'd keep on singing, words aimed directly at the woman in charge. "Fallyn, that's quite enough." Odin would speak sternly, feeling himself rise from his sitting position as he stood protectively in front of Anaru. He knew she could protect herself, but if Fallyn even-so tried to execute the desire that bubbled in his eyes, Odin would be at his throat in a heartbeat. He could feel the heat rising between them now, and Fallyn kept on going, despite his brother's pleas for him to lock his tongue, he continued to rant and rave about history that failed to come to mind. "Fallyn, enough!" Still, there was no end to his games, slandering the -- no, HIS Queen -- In front of all of her people. It was almost as if he gained pleasure from acting out as a misfit suddenly, his sentences slicing the crowd in twain. Until finally, he ran out of words.

Every fiber of Odin's being stood on end. That red-tipped tail flying high like a flag of war; Odin stepped forward onto his sibling, neck craned upward as he let the atmosphere ripple into snarls, growls, snaps. There would be no peaceful Chruch service today, as the baptism of his brother had begun. "SILENCE! How dare you come before your leader and spew such hearsay, such... Such... deceit! To have the gull to speak in front of her supporters as though you, yourself, think otherwise! Is there something you might be wanting to tell us, Fallyn? My own brother, a traitor?" He trembled in his speech, muscles tensing, darting forward as he pressed even further upon his sibling in an act of dominance. Odin pressed over Fallyn's shoulder, muzzle wide in drooling fangs, ears touching the sky. Would he attack him? He couldn't say. Though for now, he was merely staking his claim over his Queen, a message for everyone that surrounded them. It wasn't soon after this did Fallyn let up, slinking back off into the crowd as if it had never happened to begin with. For now, things were blissful, for now, he had won.

With a grunt, he watched him vanish, turning back to sit where he had been waiting this entire time -- at the side of his Queen. @Fallyn

( "speaking" )


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"  their smiles of plated gold; "

In all honesty she hadn't expected Rat to be the first one to arrive, and his pale ivory form that came bounding through the clearing brought a fond smile upon her lips. And much like the day she'd met him, he was completely coated in mud to protect that fine skin of his,  "Anaru! Look, mud!" she smiled at him even as he came bounding over, nearly crashing right into her. The woman let a soft chuckle emanate from her slender jaws. "Good morning to you too Rat," she mused gently, angling her head down so she could lightly brush her nose fondly over the top of his head. Crown rising her ears flicking forward as Ialu was the next to make his entrance; he looked a bit more displeased with the child, but she paid no mind to it, inclining a respectful dip of her head in greeting. Glad that he was here. Their meeting up in the heavens on Nidria that looked over their prospective land proved to be promising. Then came a new face, one she didn't recognize, but every breath she took told her of Mundane. Though the male, who was covered in ebon and blue sat a little further back Anaru acknowledged him, giving a dip of her nose. Next was Savas, who took a seat near her - a place of protection. His presence made her thoughts drift back to Odin for a moment, but she shook his invasion away; but ah; speak of the devil. It was Odin himself that was the next to arrive. She always appreciated getting a look at his strong framework in the morning light. Finding herself smirking as he let his lips curl in Savas's direction, protective as ever. Much as she wanted to, she did not beckon out her soldiers name, not wishing to show any favoritism here - with all eyes on her. 

Still more would come, there was Disaster, another pink she-wolf whom Anaru did not know, and a man dressed in purple, and herbs. She greeted them each, remaining professional and polite per usual. And then — the entire atmosphere of this meeting would change. And quickly too, she saw him first, expecting nothing out of the ordinary as Fallyn strode up. They'd grown up together, alongside Odin, Ora and many others. He came sauntering up; as if she was his biggest enemy here. Throwing the hare to her feet in a disrespectful manner. But then he opened that mouth of his.  "Well.. Well.. Well the princess has returned. Now here you stand ready to just take ownership of the sacred home..." he would begin, her eyes of gold narrowed upon him then, turning into fine slits; like daggers. Her glanced briefly, down to rat "Stay close sweetheart""Fallyn, that's quite enough." Odin etched, rising from his seated position to place himself between her and Fallyn as a protective barrier. Standing against his own brother in her wake, she sighed — letting herself a moment to take in this moment. But no, Fallyn did not listen, of course not. "Wheres your brother little Anaru." he taunted her, but she would not play into his games. "Fallyn, enough!" Odins voice boomed again. 

"Two of you were chosen and yet one of you stands. This little gathering might be quaint and the start of something beyond all of us.. But following someone who merely was named Monarch out of bloodline wont do it for me. You're gonna have to show me who you are princess or the darkness inside us all will split us apart."

And before she a chance, Odins words came again, a quaking boom that echoed over the crowd.

"SILENCE! How dare you come before your leader and spew such hearsay, such... Such... deceit! To have the gull to speak in front of her supporters as though you, yourself, think otherwise! Is there something you might be wanting to tell us, Fallyn? My own brother, a traitor?"

She let him take command of his brother, even calling him out - a traitor among his own people. She would watch with approval at the display of dominance he came to show the entire pack. But there was something else happening here, as he displayed not only dominance to Fallyn, but to Anaru as well - staking a claim and daring anyone to come forth to the challenge. Her nose would flicker over to Ora as she too called out the man, and as Odin finished. The queen came to rise, the wings on her hips spreading open wide in a display of her confidence. Fallyn would not escape this unscathed on more than one account.

"Why do you walk away now Fallyn? Such bold words to utter only to turn your back on me - do you fear the repercussions for your false accusations? You do not even know the proper name for the rank of your ancestors and yet! You say it is I that needs to show you who I am?" she only began to lay into him. "You who grew up beside me, dares to utter such lies among your own people - you know as well as your brother - and any other that has stood with the Order for more than mere seconds that I did not inherit this position merely by blood, but I was hand chosen by the Patriarch before me; and as a result sacrificed every day of my life in study and in training to stand before you now!" she hissed the words, lips curling to reveal her daggers beneath pale fur he did not even know the name of the rank she held, Monarch he called her; how ignorant could he be? 

She rose her head then, lifting her head high eyes casting the judgement on those that stood before her "Does anyone else have any concerns in regards to me leading this cause?!" voice boomed over the gathering. "I do not have time for petty squabbles, drama and lies! So leave now, if that is what interests you." that includes you Fallyn she thought. "I stand before you with Eleutheria's spirit at my side, the love for my people in my heart — and a vision of a world where her children do not cower beneath magick, but conquer it!" she stepped closer, drawing herself out into the middle of the crowd, placing herself on their level and leaving herself vulnerable - if someone wished to attack her, or if they all did; they could. "Brothers — sisters of the great horse of freedom, as your ancestors did before you will you stand with your Patriarch?" her chest heaved, eyes burning with the passion of her words as she grazed the wolves before her. 

"Anaru speaking,"

Table by Centience. Art Nikkayla @ Deviantart

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Hopeless souls play a part in my wicked work of art
They came, and they came in droves.

First, the familiar scent of the mundane man who appeared off the path where waves sung and the cliffs whispered to beckon weary souls from the jagged drop off and into the frothing waters hungering below; he perched his gilded crown close to that of pale fur cloak, but Ialu did not motion from his place of rooted paws, though a slender ear might have turned gently in Therion's direction as a quiet hello. Next came a man brandished in strange adornments and saber fangs, his eyes the color of molten stone as it oozed from his glare like liquid fire, but they did not scald with the same flame in but a passing glance, and disappointment may have lingered upon the pale man's face, if not for the curve of his gaze with glittering amusement towards the antlered sentinel. Another soon joined with suffocation belittling the snuffed pastel rainbow of Anaru's crown, like mandible vices or, perhaps, mad dogs who hounded for the sway of her alluring propaganda; needless to say it was a phenomenon he had witnessed before, and never would it not cease to amaze him the stupidity of mortal affinities. The forms slowly filtered in like granules of gems in the ruff; a woman adorned by shades of pink, her wings much larger than those of the Monarch's as she came upon the gathering with an observing evergreen eye, another cloaked in her own mauve and common rosé tint who stood aloof to the side of the wolves, and a man who he could not yet lay his blurry scarred face upon, but whom he had heard entering just as well with the flick of one ear carefully attuned to the masses.

Well.. well.. well, and then came another, the princess has returned, another turn of the ear to listen as scraps were thrown and syllables strung in threats and snarls and curled tongues forked with their very own, special venom. And Ialu watched, and he listened atop the noise and the turmoil of tensed muscles and hot breathes in the heat of adrenaline's fine crafted goblet as brother pitted himself against brother, and he took it in with ease and, yes, perhaps even a bit of reminisce as well -- but Akesh was not here, only the eerie resemblance of his grey coat in the smoke of fog, and the dripping autumn sunlight alike to his shining golden irises. One pressed into another, but the threads had not yet severed their ties, their bond, but his message was heard pristine by long slender ears which swiveled to follow the man back towards where the Queen resided. Ialu dipped his muzzle in greeting to the one who stood by her side more closer than he, but the whisper bellow of a rumbling tone could not halt itself from falling gentle beneath the other voices.

I know now whom to leave his ashes with, if it should happen again, he let slip the whispering chortle with a painted smile as Anaru, finally, stepped in to share her thoughts on the verbose outcry. Why do you walk away now Fallyn? The motion of an ear in register of the name, placed neatly in the files of his conscious as it sat upon a laden, sweet tongue behind sharp teeth. Her voice reverberated throughout the crowd in grand style, her wings splayed to show the glory of her coat of arms that bore no secret shadows upon the sword she now held righteously before them all; and she challenged, the glint of her weapon reflecting their faces back onto those who sat before her now, Brothers — sisters of the great horse of freedom, as your ancestors did before you will you stand with your Patriarch? Despite himself, the ghostly features could not help but twist into their shapely smile once more at the display between follower and leader, and though he would not be the voice to cast the first I alongside her call, slowly did the cloak of white tresses motion to turn towards the Patriarch and the beacon of her cutting blade -- the metaphorical sharpening of her ideal, her cause, and her livelihood to utter but two words that even in the silence or the uproar, whatever may be, would wash away, 

Unto death.


Ialu's Accelerated Hearing allows his ears to process sound at such a rate that he could 
hear a caught gasp of breathe as an entire exhale and discern it enough with time to react to whatever caused said sound.


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Others filtered in and Savas was relieved to find that he was not the last to arrive. Amber red eyes watched as others arrived, most not drawing attention to themselves. Savas glanced at them all, looking them over before moving on to the next. Odin would appear, drawing Savas’ attention by the mere place he had chosen to sit- the opposite side of Anaru with an equally protective posture. His lip would curl at the warmonger, his fur would bristle as he lifted his own lips in a subtle show of defiance and challenge. The only wolf to remove him from his place by Anaru would be Anaru herself.

His attention would be drawn away, however, as another familiar scent would filter to his nostrils. The magicka that he had fought, a low rumble began, but was quickly cut off as he realized she was not magicka at all. Confusion filled him, guarded from his expression and eyes, but confused none the less. Why would anyone claim to be Magicka when they were not? Was she dense?

He had little time to ponder this further as another wolf appeared, at first lingering at the back but then boldly moving forward. Savas rose from his seated position, taking a step closer to Anaru. A rumble of a warning vibrated in his throat as the wolf tossed the rabbit at her feet in a show of disrespect. How dare he?! Savas knew that Anaru could handle herself, this was her meeting and it was she that needed to deal with a show of disrespect- not him. Savas did not seek her gaze for approval or permission, as Odin moved forward, so did Savas, though he remained silent allowing Odin to do all the talking- because really? Savas was not one for words. Savas proved his point through action. Standing with enough distance between he and Odin that Anaru could easily pass between them if she so chose, his lips would lift again. Savas stood at his full height, head tipped down so that his muzzle protected his throat, antlers tipped threateningly forward towards the bastard that dared to accuse Anaru of claiming her status by mere blood right.

Ears twitched, angling forward as another she wolf stepped forward, calling the male out for his false accusations even as Odin finished by calling him a traitor... strong accusation but one that appeared to fit this Fallyn quite nicely. Perhaps he didn’t know, or didn’t remember, what happened to traitors in the Order. Savas did. He’d trained for it since he was a pup and furthered that training even after the Order crumbled. Behind, on the stone, Anaru would begin to address Fallyn. Ears fell back, so that he could hear easily what was said- really, what he was hoping to hear was the command to rip this traitors throat from his body. Savas was bound by duty, he’d promised Anaru he would be there for her, he’d only react violently today if she commanded it and oh did he wish she would.

Muscles were tightly bound, legs slightly bent, ready to burst into action. Yet, it would not come.  Instead, Anaru would prove how great of a Patriarch she was, she’d step forward, passing he and Odin and moving towards the middle of the gathering. Closely followed by Savas at her flank, if anyone was going to try to hurt Anaru, they would have to attack her front or go through him first. He would not intervene in a direct challenge, that was the burden of being a leader of any group….however, it would be a fair challenge and not a low blow to his Patriarch. Her final declaration would be towards them all, who would stand with her?  Savas would snarl in agreement, letting all know by such bold declaration that Anaru had his loyalty. As the snarl ended, he would glance around once more, who else would follow her? Would anyone else stand against her?  

Table @ Centience
NOTE: Savas is rated M for violence and speech, thread with him at your own risk!
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Every hair on his pelt was bristling at the threats and demands of the wolves around him. Show respect.. The words seeming to fall on deaf ears as Fallyn ignored the wolf he remembered seeing as a child. His eyes seemed to let the dark intend slip as a small amount of trickster entered his stare but it was covered quickly back to that malicious mask he used. He thought his brother was onto his little shceme from the beginning but when the threats and the anger boiled in Odin's eyes it was too late to give him any signals. Part of him wanted to snarl and leap at the only kin he knew. How could he truly believe his ploy? Maybe not only loyalty would be revealed here.. Regardless Fallyn continued with his plan and let his ears flick back to listen to what the princess had to say. His rump plopping on the ground with a satisfied thud. 

When his face was revealed back to the princess it had a mischievous grin set in his jowls. She was strong and easily turned his charade on his tail. Yet part of him wondered if she had realized his scheme.. If anyone had. He waited, the grin on his face turning more sincere the more she spoke to him. The more she revealed about herself, the more he let his true feelings seep into his face. He noticed a few new faces among the crowd and now those faces would know more about the leader they chose to follow. They would see the power and sacrifice of their Patriach. Part of him though kept vision on those who knew him and those who he knew would show brute force. His eyes darting to Savas for a moment to see what he was planning to do. Out of all the wolves here, Savas was the most unpredictable and he didn't trust him in the slightest. 

"Bravo.. Bravo.." He cheered at the end of her speech but other then that remained silent but his eyes flayed his brother with such bitterness that anyone would see a silent wish to tear the brute a new one. Once he heard silence from the crowd and from Anaru herself he smirked and lay his head slightly to the side in a devious way. "If you had any doubt about loyalty from the your subjects, they all jumped to your aid." He mused and let his tail wave behind him like a banner. "You're welcome and now any new faces know you and have your story. Should they want it.. You're welcome. I'm glad to have aided in the meeting and given you prompt to show who you are. As for the loyalty of myself I would say that I am with you.. But after my display and the rise of your emotions I can see you will need more evidence." His maw tried to hide the snarl in his throat but wasn't as easy as he had hoped. His head turning to his own brother next, "And as for you.. I know you are the Patriarchs right hand man.. But you are also my brother.. And if anyone showed have seen through my charade.. It should have been you." Fallyn paused and lips his lips with a bit of anger sizzling on the tip of his tongue. "If you ever call me a traitor again.. I will show you just how traitorous I can be." His eyes rumbled with hidden darkness that only lurked in the deepest of his heart. His brother had wounded him, wounded him bad. If anything being called a traitor by his own family would have been the worst thing he could have done.


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Much to his delight, she greeted him with a smile. She even went as far as to touch him gently, something he was not quite used to in all truth. It drew a shiver from him though he fought against the urge to shrink back. The only time he was ever touched was when mommy lashed out to punish him. This was... not that. It was different, nice even. A soft blush warmed his cheeks and, were it not for the fur there, would have been bright red. He found it difficult to hold her gaze, glancing away bashfully as his tail flicked in the same manner as a wag.

But all too soon whatever moment he was drawing pleasure from was forced to an abrupt stop. A stranger moved in to approach, followed by another and another. Jerking away, he immediately shrunk down to the ground, his heart thundering in his chest as he cowered. His eyes were large and fearful as the ones that littered his body darted about sporadically. More were coming, at least one of them not seeming too happy to be there. Danger lingered in the air though whether it was real or imagined by his overactive mind was not completely known. Either way, he regretted coming here.

One of those who showed up who seemed particularly upset approached Anaru, coming far too close for comfort and causing the small albino to skitter away a bit. Even with Anaru's words to stay close, he felt like doing anything but. The thought of running seemed more desirable right now. All he could do for now was to press himself as low to the ground as he could in order to seem as small as possible. His main eyes remained downcast, refusing to meet anyone's gaze even as the ones on his body observed for him.

Thankfully things seemed to calm down, one of the strangers moving forward to speak angrily to the one who had been mean to Anaru. And then she was speaking to them as well though none of it really made any sense to him. What was going on here? Who was she exactly and what had he gotten himself in to? Squeezing his main eyes shut, he tried to block out what was going on around him, the fear scent clinging to him thick. Though she was terribly unkind to him, he wished he was back with mommy. Even though he was unhappier when he was with her, at least it was not nearly as scary as this. At least it was comfortable and not full of strangers who might want to hurt him as mommy had said.




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She remained controlled and indifferent as the wave of chaos poised the intentions of their gathering. Emerald eyes had slipped from wolf to wolf as they gathered on. A few more females had now gathered within the ranks and she was content to know that she and their monarch weren’t the only two in a sea off testosterone. Soft pink ears twitched as the accusations slipped from one of the males. She was curios what the display was meant for and yet it wasn’t uncommon that those being asked to follow know whom exactly it was they were following. Challenges happened to ensure the rightful leaders held control over the masses. It was evident that their Monarch was being tested but why?
Indifference rested securely within her soft pink chest. Although she felt a flicker of possessiveness for whom she decided to follow she let none of it show. Instead she watched as the plethora of peons heaved their outrage towards the man’s accusations. Her voice was unneeded and so she quietly watched as all the queens’ horsemen ran into metaphorical war. Her lack of reaction was not a sign of disloyalty, no, it was more so an opportunity to offer their Monarch her own voice. If she could not squelch the seed of chaps amongst her own ranks then what good would she be as their leader?
Words fell from Anaru in careful succession. She fed into his little ploy so easily. She pushed the past in his face and with it the information of who she was. How she had become the leader she was now. It wasn’t as if she knew none off that. However, did everyone that gathered know off the scarifies she had given to become who she was now? It wasn’t as if it were something she needed to hide but to be manipulated into giving her history quite annoying. She didn’t understand the purpose for such manipulation but knew exactly what it was. Takes one to recognize one.
As the wolves took turns ripping into the man she once again remained silent. His mood changed as he filled with his chaotic smile. She was correct in her assumption that he was indeed manipulating the situation. However, had he gone too far? Had a rift now been crafted between he, Anaru, and his brother? Only time would tell how badly the wound would display over him like a Scarlett letter amongst all their pack mates. First impressions were always quite difficult to alter after all. When the time came for her to give her allegiance she simply gave a slight nod towards their leader. With in her emerald eyes showed her respect for how she handled the situation. Words didn’t need to come until requested of her and she was curious if they would be. After all, title were still left to be given.


Table by Centience. Art by xxslow-burnxx @ DA


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One for sorrow, two for mirth
♦ ♦ ♦
Readjusting himself so that he sat sloppily on his rear, he watched two other wolves trickle in. One, however, seemed to have devilry mixed within their shadow. Olive eyes watched with a face that embodied what he wished to utter between a shut maw—Oh no. One ear retreated back while the other remained perched high. He listened to the wrecker as bafflement brushed his mind.

Of course, it was a given. The backlash crashed in like a violent wave. Ethos would simply snort while witnessing some of the group snap at the man that fanned the flames. Not only did this help him get a small taste of what raw energy pumped through here, but to pinpoint the ones that appeared more... zealous. Although he tried to stay quiet and out of this situation, the aggression that stuffed the air and the assertive body language of some had risen the hair along his back. Fangs peeked past lips but no growl or snarl dared to leave his throat.

His tail curled into itself, and he let his head droop slightly. Tense muscles struggled to ease up their grip around his form; a heavy breath rushing out of his chest. Feline eyes noticed a wolf cowering from this bout of tension. That is when Ethos began to calm himself from the spiteful energy he fed into. He wanted to wander over and offer comfort to the small winged male, but his paws were glued to the earth.

Although the Patriarch called for the support of those that were present, the ex-warrior wouldn’t offer a word, a sound, a gesture. Nothing within him could justify the action of cutting his palm and drawing blood to mix it with a being he had yet to find regard for. But he continued to look on in interest, Ethos noting the ones that made sure to express their own support.

Hearing the voice of the wolf that ignited tension within this gathering, he shook his head and sighed away the light amusement he had for this circumstance. Well, perhaps he could appreciate the thought they had to try and tempt information out for clueless newcomers, but nearly did the purple brute develop a bad taste in his mouth while trying to look past the nonsense.

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