new places


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Nothing good ever came from staying in one place for too long. While there was comfort in what they were born into and what they knew, it was also the perfect breeding ground for laziness and complacency. It was not the sort of life Ishan wanted to pursue. There was a dream of grandeur within his mind, images of himself reaching new heights to achieve great things. He did not belong there, living the same average life the rest of their family expected him to. He was more than that. And he was determined to prove it one way or another.

Though he was not sure if she would want anything to do with a new life, a small part of Ishan knew he could not take this first leap without having some sort of familiarity to grasp. Call it weakness if you will but without the presence of his twin nearby, he would not have taken this leap nearly as quickly as he had. But here they were, crossing the threshold of comfort and home to step into the realm of the unknown, the whisper of discovery on the wind.

Breathlessness was on his lips as he pushed forward, golden eyes glancing to search for the form of his sister from time to time. Though it was spring the world was shifting towards, the woods they entered in to now was colored in the rustic shades of fall. Inhaling deeply, the air was thinner this high up though he could not help but find the unfamiliar scents that met him to be thrilling. It sent chills down his spine and he turned to look at his sister. "What do you think?" They had not spoken to each other for a while now as they had traveled. Did she approve of their fresh start?




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