[AW]  nature's fast food.


4 y/o medium Male
The excitement of watched the caribou go down raced through his veins. He'd taken down the deer pretty much on his own and that was an achievement. In a show of pride and adrenaline he pranced around the caribou snarling in its face before Odin give it the final death toll. "Ha! Hahahahaha!" He growled and trotted past Odin with his tail held far over his head. "Now take a fancy there, that buck got its hide shredded." He cooed and stopped along side his brother. His eyes flashing a bit of dark humor at the comment made to him. "You think that was upset brother? I would hate to see what happens to a buck who really gets me angry." He growled with a bit of a lighter tone. "Or maybe a brother who ducked too late." He laughed and darted away from his sibling so not to get smacked.

"Well. Looks like it's time to bring home the bacon." He eyed his brother for a moment wondering if the play was a hoax to get him close but the brute then grabbed it's horn with his muzzle and his chances of catching Fallyn came to null. In the end he sprinted around the deer on his toes and snagged the front left leg. Trying to avoid being anywhere within reach of Odin. "I do exactly but I'm a gracious host and will help out my one and only brother in arms." He managed around the furry limb. His legs trying to run and pull the thing all at the same time. His paws only creating clouds of dust behind him until the full weight of the deer got fully moving. "Why does food always have to be so unreasonably heavy." 

(exit) @Odin

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