[SWP]  darkness in the way you sing



y/o xsmall Male

Save Atlahua !

HP gained: 60
HP needed: 40

Moss rock canyon is flooding!

The storm continues to batter the pair, the violent waves colliding with @Haidar once more taking another 10 HP from him! The future looks bleak despite the valiant effort these wolves have given...

Your wolves cannot ignore this and the only way to stop it is by donating together 100hp! Each post your character is actively pouring their magick (using their spells) into the storm is worth +10 toward Atlahua's health pool and -10 from your characters! Survive the storm AND aid the god! Altahua may cry in your wolf's head for help, guide them on what to do. 

Each round will consist of HP gained toward Atlahua and potential damage rolls from the storm. Time is not on your side, lingering about will only result in your character taking needless damage. 

This thread is open to all!  Fifth & final round ends in one week! That's June 22nd

Feel free to exit at this point



6 y/o xlarge Female
Ethio, Male Ocelot

She snarled as the flooding was relentless and continued to move forward. Selfishly, it seemed to sap up their energy without it backing off. This was a loss cause, she could sense it, and yet she felt like she had to do something to help. Her attention went to the male below briefly as she tried to think of an idea. It seemed the male was able to use air. Tucking her wings, she dived toward him before opening them back up. "Are you okay?" she first snapped over the wind. "I don't think this flood is going to stop no matter how much energy we put into it." 

She was half tempted to just fly out of the canyon right then, but she knew she still had energy left to give. The cry in her head was still there. There was no getting rid of it. Already, as if on command, shadows began coming from crevices higher along the side of the canyon. If the storm wanted energy, it could have it! They seemed to whip around unsteadily around the woman as she beat her wings against the high winds. "Do you  have enough energy to send another gust to wrap around my shadows?" she called to him. Impatiently, her shadows whipped in and out of existence before surging toward the storm. 

" Xena Speaking" "Ethio Speaking"

Table @ Centience
[Image: Tanixena.png]



4 y/o xlarge Male
Sada, Female Island Fox
© Ginga
His body was beginning to feel like rubbish. All of his limbs were tingling with the tiredness of using his spells for so long. He even wondered if Either of them would make it out of this or if the other two were still around. He hadn't seen them leave but with all the wind and ocean spray it was hard to tell where anything was. He was about to throw another blast of his power into the waves along the beach when a voice triggered on the left of him. He nearly jumped, his skin trickling at how close they were compared to normal conversation. She didn't seem very happy, well.. I guess no one should be in this kind of situation. Her coat was so colorful compared to his own that he almost lost sight on what she was saying. "I think I'm alright. I feel like I've just run a a race around the entire beach." He joked trying to lighten the mood a bit. Her second comment put a bit of a damper on his soul though. 

The moment he stopped putting his wind toward the ocean waves the water would flood around their paws. His chest swelling and his eyes watching the shadows dance in front of him. Once they were at max distance he let out his howling winds and sent them far into the storm. He hoped that would do the trick because the water was about to take over his spot. "Quickly!" He howled and started to ascend up the canyon. The water would raise without the pressure he had been putting out. Quickly he trudged up the side and ran off into the forest. He was out of reserves of energy and his vision was beginning to wane. The best thing for him to do was find shelter, not just for him but for Sada as well. Where was she? He had forgotten her during this whole ordeal.. His head whipped around for a moment, eyes searching for the black and white pelt of his familiar. Her voice calling out to him from one of the trees. "Im here Haidar." She cried and jumped down to him. His body twisting in full motion and leaving the area. 


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