[P]  Kill the lights


5 y/o small Male
He hated this place. The wolf had never been here before, and he already hated it. The thick fog that permeated these woods never left, and he could practically feel the magickal energy pulsing through the air. He’d brought a fresh piece of hide on which he would mark down the locations of the herbs found here and mostly emptied his pouch so that he could collect more. Part of him— a rather large part— wanted to turn tail and run as fast as he possibly could. Perhaps he’d simply never visit this place again. But that was... illogical. Cowardly. Amant growled at the fog and pressed onward.

Eventually, the mundane found his first herb here. Feverfew, a useful thing as all medicinal herbs were. His arcane energy assisted him in pulling out his animal hide and charcoal and marking down the location before putting everything back where it belonged, herb included. And ah! Cedarwood. A multi-use wood for a variety of common issues. He stripped a chunk off a nearby tree, tucking it inside his pouch just as he had with the feverfew. Slowly, the area was starting to seem less terrible, although the mocha male continued to keep his guard up. Who knew what could be lurking in the fog?


1 y/o large Female

And just like that, I knew I was home.

~ Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. ~ Martin Luther King Jr

At first she had thought it a strange rebellion of the Spring, standing its ground for it did not want to leave when summer would eventually come around. Although as she walked through it now, her head tilted to the side to watch how the light moved through it (for such a thing was starting to feel alive to the young wolf, she could not quite explain it) and her mouth open as if she could breathe in the magick that lingered around. The fog did not act as she knew fog should, it was dark, confining, a hand running over her fur as they whisper to each other, gliding through her form, though she felt free not cornered nor lost. 

It was eerily quiet, a drop of a stone would ricochet through the forest, one could pinpoint the the ghost of a breath here, she felt as if she had to follow that quietness. Placing her paws slowly and gently, her maw tightly shut and scrunched with concentration, eyes dripping liquid attempting to peer through the dense fog that cut off the light. The wolf, for the first time, felt as if she was missing some part of her, multiple time she had stopped and cast her eyes over herself to check that she still had all her fur, all her paws, that she had not lost anything in the darkness. It was that darkness that had cut her off from something that had become a part of her. 

The dark wolf was standing now, she would have blended so perfectly with her surroundings if her paws did not drift with purple smoke now her eyes drip with that liquid like sea-foam. She had thought, out of the corner of her eye, that she had seen something move. She chalked it up to the weirdness of this land otherwise she did not know how long she could remain calm. Rio was staring ahead, although there was nothing but grey to stare out, and through the darkness she tried to gather light. It was merely a shimmer, if one looked at the right angle they would see the outline of a body-less wolf. It's head larger than anything natural, piercing, empty eye sockets and a mouth opened wide into an abyss, the fog drifting through the open mouth as a whisper of a breath. She grinned as she watched it, though her eyes were beginning to sting with the effort and yet there was no detail. How could she be so tired when all that she had formed was a body-less outline. Rionach huffed in annoyance as the head danced around the fog, blinking in and out of view, its neck drifting away into nothing much like smoke. She sent it towards the area she thought she had seen someone moving, to light it up only enough so she could see for the head gave off such little light, to quell her fears.

Rionach speaks Norwegian as well as the common tongue, hover over the text to see translation.

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