[AW]  Delicate Details


7 y/o xlarge Male
Rhea, Female Gray fox
" it was always me and you; "

Dhara's song echoed along the landscape, the ground beneath him rumbled and quaked as it began to slip apart and reveal the small pieces of precious metal each time a new one presented itself Rhea would rush forward and scoop the bit of gold up and place it on a flat rock, though as his song became more powerful bits of silver, diamond and even emerald made an appearance. Though they were all very small, they would work just as well with enough pressure. Finally, a strip of silver attended the foxes paws as Dhara's song came to an end, the ground shivering back closed as the man slowly sat down, breathing slightly labored with extended use of his power. He'd never tried recalling metals and gems before, he didn't doubt this would be the last time he would perform such an act, but he wouldn't do it without a good reason.

He groggily stood and hovered over the flat rock that Rhea had compiled the bits he'd worked so hard for, gods how would he bend them? How could he bend them? Maybe a fire user? Or a big enough rock, no no that would break them, gold was fragile while it was still cold like it was. He looked at Rhea for a moment, pursing his lips as he became lost in thought, he would need a fox blessed wolf, or maybe he could start a fire himself? 

"Rhea, gather up some sticks, dead ones." He murmured, trotting along behind her he picked up as many twigs and dead logs that would fit in his maw and some in his antlers. Dumping them next to the rock holding the gems he had Rhea help him get them into a pile of sorta, though it fell over a few times. Rhea rummaged around the pile of scrap and junk metals from Dhara's failed attempts at getting the jewels and ran back to him with a jagged piece of flint, and an awkwardly shaped piece of steel. Lips pulling back unsure, Dhara took the pieces from her as best he could, holding the flint next to the woodpile between his paw and the ground he struck it with the piece of steel. Giving a sharp yelp as he ended up hitting his one toe in the process, though sparks did jump from the contact, they chose to land on his paw rather than the wood. Giving a few high pitched barks he quickly jumped into one of the freshwater pools next to the black river. Looking down with his lip curled at his now singed vine wrappings. 
"Elle speaking" | "Atarah speaking"

"Dhara speaking" | "Rhea speaking"

Table by Centience. Art by starry--knight @ DA

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