My Weakness my Strength



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Waking into this world was much like her first time stepping foot from clans camp all those years ago. Sounds, smells, tastes; sensations of foreign magic, they all pooled around, coveting her attentions and leaving sleep a fleeting memory. Pulling herself up, she hissed at the deep-set ache in her body, grimacing as slowly, she turned her nose to the air. There were some things that were familiar to her, scents of plants; the bitterness of oak, the sweetness of violet, the dominating, rich flavor of damp earth that clung to her tongue. But, there were many more scents she had never known before, all woven together to create this alien place, bordering comfort yet making it all the more obvious in its strangeness. Her ears fell back against her head, as with slow, pained movements she brought her feet beneath her, only to pause. With slow movements, she brushed her nose against the plush fur at her shoulder, the long, silken curtain of her tail swaying behind her as the question hung in her mind. Curious. She didn't remember...

'You are finally awake girl,' a familiar voice croaked above, drawing the fae from her slow examination. “Asketill,” she sighed, a sweet smile painting her expression in gentlest hues of dawn, as she turned, her chin raised as she breathed in the familiar scent of powdered feathers and exotic winds “Where have we come to?” Again, her attention drawn, kneading into the soil, taking a moment to reach for that symphony that allowed answered, only to find silence in the depths. She frowned, the lines deepening as his cawing laughter mocked her confusion. 'Another world girl. You and that boy seemed to have done it, denying fate as fools do.' 

He didn't... sound displeased though.

Smiling, her expression hardened by the memories flittering like an eroding reel through her mind, Nïenn turned towards the forest, curious ears catching the tell-tale melodies of the creaking wood. “I wasn't... I wouldn't leave him like that. He was caged.” He deserved a life free from the crushing hold of demons, a toxic presence that would have destroyed who he was. Her breathe shuttered, her gaze falling from the world as she remembered the sensation of two wills battling to win, to destroy the other. It would have killed him, was slowly doing so. What... what could have happened to him?

Her movements startled the raven, whirling her attention back to him with vicious panic. “Where is he?” She could not smell him. She could not sense the constant, steady darkness that was his aura. It was as if he'd never been there at all. “Asketill where is Inan?” 


And then he sighed, the flutter of feathers her only warning before his weight settled against her back. 'I do not know. He is most likely in this world, yet, you were not drawn here at the exact moment. He could be anywhere. Or any time. It's hard to say with these things. Traveling between worlds is the most unstable magic.' Her heart quaked at his answer. Anywhere. What if he was hurt. What.. what if he was flung into this strange world into danger, with no way to protect himself? She was no fool. She could feel the way her magic seemed to rebel against touching the foreign presence of the earth, her usual perception a mere echo to its full capacity. And her body, it ached so. All she wished to do was rest, each movement sending a tremor down her limbs. But... she couldn't, she had to... find him, somehow. She refused to think of the other possibilities, the chances that Asketill made clear with his words. 

“We have to find him.”

She'd ignore her pain, for however long it took, the sigh of her tail against the earth accompanying Asketill as he clacked his beak, taking flight as his mistress made for the shadows of the great oaks. 'Girl you should rest, we do not know what this magic may have done to you.' For the first time, the mirthful tones of the raven sounded truly concerned, his emotion leaking into her chest like a lethal wound to her own body. She paused, for a moment, before continuing forward. “You know I can't Asketill... you know I can't.” 

No words came in reply.

This connection between them... it was, overpowering. Nïenn had never sensed one's emotions as easily as she did his, flowing between them uninterrupted; no doors to lock him out. It would have been worrisome if it hadn't been a comfort. Knowing he was there, that she wasn't alone, it kept her going when it would have been so easy to fall apart. Where you go, I go. He had always been there, close at hand, from when she had been a child. Perhaps she had never truly grown in his eyes, a pup following after a strange bird, the only friend she had for the longest time. That had changed, as she had grown, more so after she had finally left the shadow of her clan behind. It was nice though... knowing that he would remain.

“Asketill do you s-” The words halted, Nïenn turning she she caught the faintest of whisper, darkness amongst a world of grey static. Something that her magic recognized anywhere, reaching for him unconsciously across the distance. Her limbs were stiff, then, she was moving forward. Her path was guided by the winged ghost, following the sound of beating wings through the pounding of her blood. Immediately it hurt, sharp pains running up her legs, her throat. But, she couldn't stop.

Not when he was here. 

Fate had laughed at them, so many times, and yet, he was here, here when he could have been on the other side of the world. Here, when years could have stretched between them, some mockery of her desperate attempt to finally have him close again. His scent filled her nose, and with a cry she flung herself against him, reaching up in a quaking embrace. “Inan.....” 



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There was only a cold, numbing darkness surrounding him. His body was floating in to nothingness it would seem, perpetually suspended. Try as he might, there was no way for him to force his eyes open. He was simply there, away from wherever he had been before. What was he even doing before this? What was he doing now? Memories seemed to fade in and out though the more he struggled, the more his head seemed to ache. He remembered the sun and the intense heat that came with it. He remembered a land devoid of life, the scent of death and ash lingering in the air and a woman...

Wincing, pain lanced through his head and chest, piercing his heart as memories came back. The feeling of not being in control of his own body as a foreign entity controlled it. Screaming out against his prison only to not be heard as the ones he loved were in danger of himself. It all came flooding back to him and panic began to rise as he felt himself falling, pulled down hard by gravity. As everything came rushing back to him, the exhaustion and pain that pulsed within his body also came back and he found himself much heavier than usual as everything finally came to a stop.

Groaning slightly, he was slow to open his eyes, wincing at the light that came down as his head pulsed with every beat of his heart. Where was he? Paws twitching a bit, he was slow to pick himself up in to a sitting position, releasing a hissing breath through obsidian teeth as everything around him whirled in a nauseating manner before settling in to place. He honestly felt sick to his stomach as well as exhausted. He needed to rest, especially with everything that had just taken place. But he could not afford to, not in a foreign place like this.

Inhaling sharply, he held on to that breath before forcing himself to stand, stumbling only slightly before steadying himself enough that he was convinced he was not going to fall. Breathing in, nothing around him was familiar at all. He felt... different but, looking down and back at his body to inspect himself, there was nothing different or out of the norm that he could see. He was relieved to find the shadows that came to him with ease still there, rising like smoke and dancing as if eager to please him. So what was it then?

Shaking his head, he very quickly realized it did not matter. He needed to find out where he was and what had happened. Was anyone else there with him? His heart nearly skipped a beat at that thought, remembering suddenly that Nienn was very close when everything seemed to fall apart. Was she here? Was she okay? He needed to find her. But as he took a few steps forward, he stumbled, his breath labored as he grit his teeth together. This was frustrating. Pull your shit together Inan.

Focusing his energy, he managed to move steady enough, ears pinned back the only signs of his efforts and struggles besides the soft panting that left him. Thankfully he did not have to wander far before the sound of someone nearby reached him. He had no energy should it prove to be anyone looking for a fight but relief flooded him as the familiar sight of her came in to view. He did not need to move or call out to her as she came to him, crashing in to him in her desperation to reach him.

Stunned and struggling to stay standing for a moment, it was all he could do to wrap her in an embrace, nose buried in to the ivory fur of her neck as he breathed in her scent. It was the only familiar thing in this damn place, a comfort. But it did not matter then that he did not know where they were. "You're safe..." A breath of relief murmured in to her fur as the smell of her returned memories from a lighter time. A warm embrace. The intimacy of a shared kiss and shuddering breath. Did she realize how much he adored her? He had certainly never said, had never truly realized it himself before now how essential she was to him. But they could not stay like that forever. As much as he did not want to be apart from her, there were other necessities at hand. "Nienn... Where are we?" He did not know if she would have the answers but he was too tired to think of much else. Now that she was with him and safe, his mind kept pulling to the thought of rest and recovery.

Speaking && Thinking




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he felt his pulse, his breath; his life. Made all the more real by his presence, she barely kept the stifled sob aching in her throat from breaking free. So many outcomes that could have ended with greater heartbreak, her tears came freely where words failed. Falling into that space where her body met his, she nosed her way against his nape, hidden amongst the blackness of his fur, until all that remained was scent and touch. “I'm alright,” she whispered, muffled against her place upon his shoulder, finding herself suddenly feeling so very tired.

What a sad, crippled pair they made, unable to stand with even the support of the other. Yet, it was more than enough, tilting her cheek until her nose wedged itself against the curve of his jaw, worried that perhaps he would vanish before her eyes. Again, memories that had only just begun to return in the past few, scant hours flared up, raw and swollen like a wound she was only now aware of. Somehow... the spell had been broken, unbearable chains falling free; what that did to a man, she couldn't say. Nïenn was all too aware of his exhaustion; Inan had never faltered upon his feet, and yet he had fallen back to his heels without even the most fleeting of resistance. Faint tremors wracked his body, and with a sigh, her paw came up to touch his chest, pushing gently, urging him to sit, to rest.

“What... what about you?” She stopped, uncertain how to voice her concern. What happened when the possession of a demon was broken? Was he... injured in some way? The thought of him suffering any more then he had, drew a frown upon her lips, and reluctantly, Nïenn drew back, but enough so that she could press nose to his cheek, each breath hot against his skin. “Are you? Again, she found her words failing, unsure if she dared voice it aloud. Was the demon gone, truly? Tears nearly started anew, feeling him as she did, small and quiet to his usual presence, bold and pitch as the depths of a starless night; inescapable. 

But he was not one who ever stopped, always choosing the path that must be walked, regardless of what it could mean for him. He had chosen to walk into a dying world, seeking answers to horrors that by all means should not have been his to solve. But he had done it anyways. For a man who tried so hard to seem indifferent, he cared, so deeply, passionately, about everything that was important. Even now, he looked for answers, and with a sigh, she drew back from their touch, finally severing herself from his shadow, but knowing it was not the time, not yet. “Asketill says, we are in another world.” 

Was it a world like the dying one, seperate but connecting to the one they had known. No sooner had that thought touched her mind did she know that was not true. No, they were further then that; her magic would not have been so quiet had that been the case. “Something we did... I- I don't know.” Tilting her crown, she reached out tentitively with her senses, only to find the earth silent to her questions, only to frown. “I can't seem to use my perception at all. I don't know if its from exhaution or... something else.”

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