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It was early, the morning chill still lingering upon the air as the patriarch rose elegantly so her sore body shifted to draw from her den and out into the opening of the grove. A sigh gently escaping pale maw as her thoughts rolled - so much had happen in the last few weeks. Odin, the lovable brute consumed the foremost of her thoughts these days, which was strange to her quite frankly. Up until only recently she had known nothing but her duties, the only thoughts which swirled around inside her was that of The Order, its status, its members and ultimately their goals, ridding the world of the filth which lurked in every corner of Nidria. Of course those things were still important to her, it drove her to be the woman that she was, it was her every passion and every drive. To create the perfect home for them. However Odin had begun to unlock a side of her she'd never known existed before, it was a new found passion - something no one had been able to awaken prior to his admittance of his feelings for her. 

And she felt, of course like an idiot, so closed off and so detached that she had refused to feel the pull of the man until now. But now of course she was free of the bastard who trained her, their ex patriarch who drove the order into the ground and failed them all. The only good he'd done was that he'd taught her to lead; and to do  it well. The woman huffed, salmon tongue rolling over sky blue nose touching the scabbing painful wounds where the magicka had sunk her fangs into Anaru's nose. 

Heading out closer to the border of the grove, shafts of sunlight breaking through the trees and catching her stark fur, nearly blotting out the colors of some of her lighter pastels. Small wings nestled against her hips as she drew closer to the edge of the forest, able to see the glistening waters of the marsh. She knew she shouldn't even be up, and wouldn't be surprised if Odin soon came trailing after her. Her chest still ached, prickling pain spreading over her ribs each time she inhaled.

"Anaru speaking,"

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Dovain gave a thick breath as she adjusted the bloody body strapped across the tops of her hips. Clicking her tongue as the leather rubbed against her waist uncomfortably. With so many things strapped to her she wondered how she had any fur left at all, funny how she had quite the opposite. As she approached the borders of the territory the boy had claimed were owned by the Order she secured her chainmail to her helmet, letting the sheet of metal pass over the bundle tied around the base of her neck that held the sleeping form of Aella. She could feel the warmth of the child through the makeshift blanket she'd made out of scraps of fabric and leather from her armor. She leaned down and whispered for the girl to stay quiet, if she was awake that is. 

Dove looked around for a moment, inhaling deeply in hopes of catching the scene of a pack wolf, and to her surprise one came rather easily, a female, a young female. Though she couldn't pinpoint an age she could tell the woman had been in the area a long time. Clearing her throat Dove walked in the direction the scent came from until the pale form of a complicated female came into view, Dovain's weapon Primavere absentmindedly hovered at her side, the end of the blade harboring droplets of blood from the lamb attached to the woman's rump. Dove's head tilted back slightly with a small tilt as a deep voice fell from her scarred lips. 

"Hello there, correct me if I am wrong my dear but is this..."  She gestured with her blade to the forest beyond them.  "Founder's Grove?" The sun reflecting of the detailing of her armor glittered against the trees that held the markers of a coven within. She was sure this was at least some kind of pack, and that was all she sought. 
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