snake charmer [familiar quest]


4 y/o small Female
Kaushul, Male Black cobra

Rajani knew instantly that something was off. She was asleep as far as her physical body was concerned, that much she could tell. Her psyche, however, had traveled to another realm of sorts. She'd grown up learning about familiars, hearing many different stories of different experiences from those in her pack. This lined up with what she'd been told, even if it seemed to vary. She supposed everyone was different with their experiences though. She would not expect anyone to face the same things that were in store for her.

Fur prickling up, she moved forward with caution, unsure what challenges she might be forced to face while here. The air around her wavered with heat from her element, present even in this dream realm. Did that mean this was real? If she got harmed here, would it followed her in to the waking world as well? She made note of this and her uncertainties though proceeded forward all the way. There was no point in hesitating or waiting around. That would solve nothing in the end.

For a while there was nothing, only the silence of herself as she moved. But, in time, the sight of bones caught her attention. Venturing closer, she realized there was not just one set here but several. Among them, of course, were the bones of wolves. Lips twitching, they curled up over fangs to form a malicious grin as she stared at them. Ah, something dangerous lived here. What oh what you could have caused all of these creatures to just fall over and perish like this? For some it almost seemed as if they'd been dragging themselves to get away, as if they might find some escape. Were they in pain?

Ear flicking, movement was sensed just within her peripheral and she found herself lunging away without another second to waste. It was then that the head of a black cobra strike out, missing her ankles where she had once stood. Ah, was this it? Had they foolishly been bitten and succumbed to the venom of this beast? Lips still pulled back, she issued a smug snarl at the creature, air wavering around her with power and heat. The snake only hissed in response.

Standing off, the reptile raised its head, weaving from side to side as his hood flared out in intimidation. Beady eyes studied the woman, tongue flickering out toward the heat she put off. "You have fast reflexes girl." Rajani simply snorted in responses. "And you are quick to kill." The snake seemed only to laugh at this but did not deny it. "It is the only way. Too often your kind comes here, thinking they can do what they wish. They take my children, only to never return. Enough!"

Hissing again, the snake was quick to dart forward then, slithering forward to lung at her. Once again she would leap away, just out of range of deadly fangs. For several more strikes this would continue before her patience wore thin. Controlling her fire, she pulled whatever heat was in the air toward her, leaving only a chilling cold in its absence. As the warmth gathered around her in a tight bubble, the snakes movements slowed greatly until they stopped all together, almost as if he were in pain.

Eyes flashing cruelly, she chose only then to move closer, looming over him though careful not to let any warmth touch him to warm the cold blood that flowed within his veins. "Submit to me and become mine. I will show you to your children. In return, your fangs shall become my own." A fire of his own showed within the beady eyes of the cobra as he stared long and hard at her. Then, after several moments, a name was given. "Kaushul." Malicious snarl curling wider, victory was felt as the connection was made. "I am Rajani and together, we shall become feared in these lands." And with that she felt her mind fading back to reality, knowing the snake would be there when she awoke.




∞ y/o xsmall Female



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