The Stuff of Nightmares


6 y/o large Female

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful fairy princess with colorful butterfly wings. She was small and delicate, like a perfectly spiraled snail shell. Because the fairy was so tiny, she was almost invisible to the naked eye during the day. Yet at night, she became surrounded by a soft glowing light which repeatedly changed from sunshine yellow to river blue to petal pink. The fairy princess's favorite thing to do was dance, and often did so with the lightning bugs. She had a tinkling laugh and an infectious smile. She swirled in the air with the yellow-green lightning bugs while the crickets chirped and sang for her...  

Lottie's head was filled with the fantasy, seeing the colorful images clearly in her mind's eye even though her own pair were closed to the world. Her heart drummed to the beat of the crickets tune and her large paws twitched when she imagined herself leaping into an airy dance with the beautiful princess and her cheerful courtesans...

While her dreams carried her off, the rest of her body was nestled quietly in the protective roots of a tall tree. Its limbs dangled with stunning purple flowers, whose sweet aroma had lulled her to a deep, restful sleep. She had not slept like this in ages. Her life often did not allow such tranquility, but in this place, snuggled so securely, she had fallen into the type of blissful slumber that often eluded her. 


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