Compelled to Wander


4 y/o small Male
Calla & Lily, Female Common Blackbirds
Front hooves clicked against the ground as Lantanna created a brand new path in the cherry blossom plantation. A path of dead grass and shriveled up petals marked where he had been. With each step, plant life shriveled away under Lantanna's hooves and sent a wave of energy through his body that burst out of his wooden antlers as a small pink flower. Lantanna body was littered with vibrant flowers and vines that pulsed with energy. The deep magic ingrained in the cherry blossom trees and flowers of the plantation was needlessly sucked away to decorate Lantanna's fur.
Hanging in the sky like noxious smoke were Calla and Lily, Lantanna's familiar. The two black birds wove through falling pink and white petals. They took care to avoid hitting any of them. Although Lantanna's rich brown flowery fur helped him blend in, his black familIar stood out against the softer colours of the earth, but with Calla Lily in the sky, they could scout out any danger while Lantanna hid among the trees Each bird had a single piercing yellow eye that swept across the forest, ready to pick out anything that didn't match the browns and pinks of the plantation. 
Lantanna always needed to walk. He spent most of his life wandering. An unconscious urge kept him walking and sucking the life out of more plants. Lantanna would just walk for hours without any food as he hit different forests and fields. Draining each of their magic.
Calla, the bird with a right eye, called out to her master. Calla and Lily had spotted a suspicious movement among the trees. It was a shrill bird cry that could have been from any other bird, but Lantanna knew their signal. 
Reflexively, Lantanna responded to the warning by releasing energy and creating a short bush barricade in the direction of the noise. As he did so, a pair of newly grown pinks flowers withered from his right hoof and fell to the ground. Branches sprouted from where the flowers landed and wove together to make a dense barrier. Leaves and flowers sprouted out from each wooden limb. He stepped back cautiously, as he awaited a sign of danger.
Notes: Feel free to have Lantanna spot Newt or he could have just seen something else moving in the forest and Newt can still sneak up on him


6 y/o xlarge Female

Swirling brides of the king of forests did saunter towards their inevitable crypts. Their lovely dresses, still touched in pink, would soon curl and crumble. The ashes of their lovely bodies would further fuel the legacies of their existence. It was the way of the world to be filled with beauty and fall to decay. Violet eyes quizzically analyzed the forgotten pelts strewn around her paws. So easily did they shred with one swift scratch of a paw. She wondered if her mind looked just as disheveled as the petals blanketing the forest floor.
The world slanted just a little as the air around her began to form. Soft tuffs of fog formed around her body as she moved from patch to patch. That protective part of her mind did wiggle within her essence of her body. As her mind wandered on the diversity and destructive pattern that followed her the build up of panic snuck around the edges of her. However, that part of her that knew what to look for already had began to sooth her by manipulating her fog to come and sooth her restlessness. In turn it made her question if it was truly her head that rested on her shoulders.
Distant songs of familiar fauna did slightly catch the behemoths attention. Discomfort filled her neck as she had shifted to find the source of the sound. Her chest still throbbed from her encounter with Octaiva. The bruising had just started to heal so the quicker motions still caused her uneasiness. She wondered if the calling birds did taunt her in the distance. When it was unclear if she was real or but a figment of someone else’s dream. Her heavy head was now lifted skywards as she failed to notice the man that belonged to the calling crows.  

"Newt Speaks,"

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