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Vesha didn’t blame them. They had done the right thing, she was a weakness for the pack. Besides, they had gifted her with the tooth of their ancestor, which she carried happily with her on her trek. At first, Vesha had thought it would be nothing more than a few days, and then she would have found her new home. But the days turned into moons. And now se was even more lanky than she had been before.

Hunting alone was hard work.

Vesha found herself somewhere new when the sun rose this morning. She felt different as her paws had stepped onto the damp, squishy ground. It was as if she was suddenly more aware of her surroundings, the trees and the plants that grew. It felt weird, and when she glanced down, she realized her legs had strings of ivy crawling up it. ‘That’s new…’ Vesha furrowed her brow.

The swampy landscape was also new. And she wasn’t a huge fan. Water was always something best avoided unless to drink from back home. And where water and land met… Vesha wasn’t sure exactly how to act. She did her best to walk on the more stable parts of the swamp, occasionally slipping in the muck. She growled softly to herself, wanting to just get out of wherever this was as fast as possible, but her eyes told her the swamp went on for a long time.

Yellow eyes pierced the land around her as she clambered up onto a large rock. She felt a strange feeling rise up in her as soon as her paws hit the rock, and she sniffed it, curious. A quiet rumble was heard behind her, and she glanced back. Smaller rocks around her bounced on the ground. Immediately, Vesha leapt off the larger rock and stared as the rocks hovered higher off the ground. The feeling inside her told her this was okay, but nature wise… this was the farthest thing from it. Growling, Vesha bared her teeth at the inanimate objects, and the rumbling and bouncing subsided.


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From the moment her powerful frame stepped into the swamp, Sekhmet knew Akarui would not be here... but it would not stop her from exploring or learning the land. It was her job, her duty to understand the terrain around her and to best advise the Prince on how to proceed. If that meant enduring unpleasantness so be it. First and foremost the Goddess of War was just that... a weapon, a tool in an arsenal that was only as sharp as her intellect and the harsh cut of her muscle from endless hours of conditioning her body. Scars riddled her frame, only accented by the billowing cloak of nobility and the chains that bound her forelimbs. She was a warrior, a beast, a commander and she was bound to a Prince that held her leash with little more effort than one squished an ant beneath their paw. Sekhmet had a purpose and until she reclaimed what was lost, she would continue to search and ensure that when she found him, she was keen, sharp and in prime condition.

She stepped forward, paws sloshing in the thick muck while moisture from the dense swamp filled the air, meeting the tracks of lava that zig-zagged across her flesh and sizzling into steam. With confident, dominating steps she plunged into the the thicket of the swamp while molten eyes, seared with lava and heat flickered, studying and analyzing the terrain. It wasn't the best surroundings for a war or battle to be held, but it did have an abundance of wildlife and vegetation. A good alcove for a healer or shaman to find wares if nothing more. She was drawn from her musings by a growl and her skull snapped in the direction of the source. Through the dense undergrowth she couldn't see the source, but her muscles bunched, her eyes narrowed, her ears pinned to the crown of her skull and she lunged towards the sound. If a foe sought to ambush her, they would meet her teeth and talons head on.

Lurching over the top of some low lying reeds, the warrior Goddess hit the muddy earth with an ominous thump and a silent snarl crinkling her snout and raising her hackles. She looked like a demon, an oozing menace summoned straight from Dante's inferno and she was prepared to meet the growling threat with all the force awarded to her... which was why it took her a moment to register, process and react to the scene before her. A woman with vines curled around her legs was growling at... rocks? Sekhmet slowly relaxed her posture, she was still tense, still stoic but she didn't look like she was about to rip the woman's head off anymore. She studied the woman silently for a moment, realizing she was child of earth and interjected. “You realize, you're controlling the rocks yes?”

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