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Coven of Chiefs (AKA Coven Dei Gratia) Thread

Hey everyone! Here are some open adoptable characters for the Coven of Chiefs. Founding members are going to be putting them all in one place to make it easier for people to find, so please scroll down to find more opportunities! <3

If you are interesting in an adoptable, please send a PM or message through discord to the player. Thank you! 

Bryker's Adoptables Requirements:
1. Would prefer sibling and half-sibling names to start with 'B' but is not necessary. (the below names are suggestions but could be changed). 
2. Adoptables must be in the Coven of Chiefs or have solid plans to join/rejoin within 3 months of adopting.  
3. You can come up with your own design, personality, etc. You can even use an existing character to fill in potential plots. I just ask that you read Bryker's history and try to find some alignment there. We can come up with what their potential relationship is like once you send a message! ^.^
4. If you decide that you do not want to play the character anymore or need to take an extended hiatus, please let me know so I can determine if the character should be adopted out again for plots or if the character should be pronounced dead. [Any art that is created for the character would be your own, and would not be usable in the event that the character becomes adoptable again without your consent.] 

The below adopts are available. I will make them closed once they become adopted. 

Briva, mother, age 13, light affinity
Bashwing, stepfather, age 10, bear affinity

[Light or Air affinity]
10 year olds: Bae
8 year olds: Bernest

[Light or Earth Affinity]
2 year olds: Blickarrow, Barilla, Balewyn, Bristle

STEP SIBLINGS [??? or Earth Affinity]


EXES [2/4 open] [Any Affinity]
- Tia
- Rhea


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I have multiple adopts too.

Malcomn Nord Chuterfrost - Father, Age 14, Riverclan, Malcomn is an old fashioned man. He believe woman are meant to breed with and raise puppies. Hes brash but full of fake religious girth. He chose the past of fear with his children and most of them did fear him. His wife was mentally abused by him in the early stages of their marriage but he's eased off of that now. The rest if up to you. He can be evil if you want or just mentally broken but Manny stood up to him in the past multiple times because of his mother and that has caused their relationship to be shady. 

Odette Chuterfrost - Mother, Age 12, Moonclan, Odette is the sweetest little old lady anyone could ever ask for. Shes loving but timid, has tons of compassion for everyone and treats everyone she meets with kindness even if they don't deserve it. This could be why she is still with Malcomn or any other reason you like. She will have to have some skills in crafting stone but other then that she is up to you.

Roman Axel Chuterfrost - 3rd born brother - Age 8 Riverclan - Currently missing. He would have thought to have lost 2 brothers to the war but the rest is up to you.

Second litter

Jacob Alec Chuterfrost - 1 born brother - Age 6 forestclan - Youngest brother, currently in hiding from the war. He would be the first of the second litter and wouldn't have been raised in fear like the first litter.

Marie Lorrel Chuterfrost -2nd born sister - Age 6 forestclan- Currently missing, would have been smothered in love and doted on by his mother since she is the only daughter. The rest is up to you.

I also have Manny's children. who are up for adoption. They can be anything you want but mostly they would need to be raised without their father. Since he was in the war for most of their lives. Three boys and one girl is up and they would be about 4 years old now. They would also know that their unborn siblings were still born and probably be sorrowful over that. I don't want anything evil but they dont have to be shiny bright either.


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Tia's Adoptables:

Feel free to offer up anyone to be Titania's family. The only exception is I won't be adopting out her parents. Feel free to offer to be her cousins, siblings, aunts/uncles, etc. 

Brother/Sister in Arms: Titania's childhood best friend. The two grew up together, training to be Templars for the Coven.... wip

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