[P]  Crowns of Bone and Flowers


5 y/o large Male
Reeva, Female Cat

The world was a blur. He could feel the pinpricks at his eyes, the telltale sting of emotion about to overflow. In that moment, that moment of defeat he'd let himself feel, he didn't dare breathe. Couldn't, even. The panic began to set in, a feeling he hadn't had in years. He tried to concentrate on anything, anything to make the seizing in his throat less painful. Dare he even breathe in her scent? Dare he move?

Terrified. He was terrified that even a minute movement would send him spiraling, shattering to the lavender petaled ground beneath them, unable find himself again.

In that moment, whether she knew it or not, she saved him. Cradling him against her, burying herself into his chest he felt the first drops of tears fall to his cheek, tasted the salt as it trickled against his bone and into his mouth. He all but froze, unsure if he was more surprised at her reaction or his.

"I'm here now..." she murmured, a lullaby he never knew he needed to hear. The sigh that escaped him came out as more of a shudder as he gave himself to her completely, gently resting his head atop her own.

It was as if a weight trickled off his dark shoulders, one he hoped she echoed. Despite the horrors he had witnessed, despite the time that had passed, just like always, Sonja brought him peace. There was no reason to question the sincerity of her words; she was a woman he spoke plainly and with her heart. She always had, even when they were young. Her earlier rage was proof that neither of them had changed all that much.

He'd never been one for many words. He didn't think he needed them to convey the absolute gratitude and love her felt for her in that moment. So instead, all he murmured was:

“I missed you, Princess.” it was soft, gentle, and meant only for her. The childhood nickname felt much more intimate now that they were older.

Neither he nor her could possibly know of the journey each had been through. The pains and tribulations each had fought to gain titles neither had on their untimely departure. And while their stories would have to be told, eventually, in this moment, they were finally at peace.

The thief and the queen, united once more.

“Sohvren Speaks” | Sohvren Thinks

Table by Shadow ♛ Art by Nikkayla


7 y/o medium Female
Bezalel, Male Crow

There, pressed into his fur against his chest the whole world seemed to fall away around them. Every doubt, every shred of resentment or anger, it all dissipated into nothing. She felt only the comfort the warmth of his frame as the two of them in these lingering moments stopped time completely. And she felt something, something that was more than the friendship they bore as children, emotions swelling within the cavity of her chest, emotions that part of her wanted to deny, disregard, and bury. And the other part — wanted to embrace. The weight of his head upon her own was reassuring, a comforting pressure which she melted into, her own audits drawing back against her crown, and she refused to let him go, afraid to break the connection and the intermingle of their fur. As if it would make the dream shatter into nothing and maybe she would wake.

"I missed you princess"

Her heart lurched, her chest burning with the sting of emotion, and she wanted to look up at him as memories collided with her the old nickname was something they'd used as kids, for as long as Sonja could remember she'd been the red queen among all her friends and family. They came up with it to portray her leadership qualities, her confidence, and bravery even at a young age. But to Sohvren, she'd always been his princess instead, it was something special, a name that only he had ever been able to get away with. Even if at times she would tell him 'I'm not a princess Sohvren' she could hear her childish words taunting him, they echoed in her head. "I've missed you too...." she murmured, the words barely making it above a whisper, burying her nose into the navy fur upon his chest, pressing closer.

It felt like centuries they stood there, refusing to tear apart from one another, and even as she did, Sonja moved tentatively. Breaking away only enough so that she could look up at him, taking a breath still her voice soft, shook with the weight of emotion "I have....so much to tell you" the words felt strange on her tongue, foreign even. And for the first time since she laid eyes upon Sohvren, Zen crept upon the edges of her thoughts — her stomach churned. How was she going to tell him? A single audit would draw back with uncertainty, but she brushed it away quickly, allowing her nose to brush the underside of Sohvrens chin.

With that she forced her legs to move, to rotate her body away from him, but not without a glance over her shoulder, she wasn't letting him out of her sight just yet. Not after so long. "Are you coming?" she chimed lightly, the taunt playing on the lyrics.


"sonja speaking,"

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5 y/o large Male
Reeva, Female Cat

She whispered how she'd missed him, too. He could only sigh in response, the unbelievable truth of the fact that she was actually here and not dead was finally sinking in. This was Sonja. She was alive. This was amazing.

"I have so much to tell you." It was said both in excitement as well as hesitation. His navy crown, exposed in a way that it never was, tilted to the side. He wasn't sure if she thought he'd judge her over something so trivial as her past. What did he care? He'd done...

It didn't matter what he'd done. It didn't matter what she'd done.

“I will listen.” He replied, sincerely. A smile tugged at his blackened lips, true elation finally rushing through him as he allowed himself to relax, to calm, after all the tension between them slowly began to sooth after their embrace. 

She looked mischievous as she began to trot away from him, looking back with an ever familiar glint in her ruby eyes as she asked if he was coming with her. 
A breeze came through the meadow, kicking up the lavender petals. The circled and swirled around her, magical and beautiful against her ebony pelt. He was mesmerized by the sheer eternalness of it...of her.

“Sohvren...” Came a soft chime. A white glow floated in front of him, between he and the bloody queen. A frown came to his exposed brow, annoyed that his familiar would try and turn his attention away from such a sight. 
“Sohvren, they sent a crow.” Reeva said, still gentle but more firm. His eyes, like ice, finally turned toward her, a small, spectral cat floating before him with his skull in tow.

With one more glance at Sonja, he sighed, and nodded. Reeva placed his crown of bone once more on his head, and Sohvren, the lord of bone and light, a leader of thieves. He stood before her, no longer a soft expression on his face. 

“I have...business...I...don't know how long it will take.” He frowned. “I...have much to tell you, as well.” He hesitated, before closing the space between them and nuzzling her check. “As soon as I'm able, I'll find you again, Princess.” He vowed. Then they would talk. 

With that, he turned, slipping into the treeline before he could change his mind.

- Sohvren exits -

“Sohvren Speaks” | Sohvren Thinks

Table by Shadow ♛ Art by Nikkayla

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