[P]  An Evening Stroll


5 y/o xlarge Female
It felt like Cassiel’s body was humming with energy despite the sun sinking on the horizon. It had not been too long ago when she’d been accepted into The Order as a knight. She hoped that she could be of service to her brother’s and sisters. She had made a little nest among the shelter of the pillars. She often did not feel safe when she slept. Especially so when her passive spell was at its weakest. It seemed as though the woman often had trouble getting to sleep ever since that magicka had attacked her family long ago. 

She hefted herself to her paws, deciding that sleeping early wasn’t going to work and that sleep would evade her once again. She could feel the comforting blanket of her divine armor nestled softly against her fur as she opened her eyes. Perhaps a walk would do her some good. With that thought in mind Cassiel padded into the forest of towering trees once more, wandering wherever her paws would take her. 

She let herself grow immersed in her surroundings: staring at the long shadows that came with the setting sun, feeling the heat of the day slowly fading away, seeing the forest take on new life as darkness began to fall. Cassiel did not notice herself, but her feathers, her: painted in crimson and gold shone in the setting sun’s light as she padded along an unknown path through the grove.



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