[AW]  and the thunder rolls


4 y/o medium Male
Yvette, Female Red flying fox
[Image: YaGdiXj.png]

Hickory had traveled after hearing of the demise from his former home. They had all died from sickness, all too fast to let it spread elsewhere. It was as if they had never existed. And it thrilled Hickory. He had finally left the comforts of his birth swamp, going north. Along the way he had stopped to refill the medical pouches that hung from his neck, making sure to keep herbs that could heal him in case someone attacked him. Always so fearful.

After a few days, he and Yvette, his bat familiar, had come across a beach. The sand was a nice tan color, and the sky seemed to always be cloudy. It had been a decent place to bunker down for the night. With some pure luck, he had caught a fish, and now its remains were scattered in the sand. As Hickory sat on the beach, with Yvette somewhere in the trees further back to sleep better, he had heard first thunder.

The rain had come quick, and the waves had washed up at least half way up the shore. Swiftly Hickory backed up more inland on the beach, staring out at the waters as they turned into a churning black mass. The waves were coming up high, a few feet at least. It had all been so fast, what had happened? Some of his fear magic was dripping from him, he could feel it. But for some reason he had to look at the waves as they crashed as loud as thunder. This wasn’t natural.

takes place during the tsunami thread in black rock beach
table © freakshow
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played by alue

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