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Shadowbeast of Nidria

8 y/o xlarge Male
Alcatraz, Male Raven
© Shadow

The flowers had become a regular place of comfort for him in the past few months. Sun shone through the towering stalks, usually brightly covered green but in his presence they were covered in his unrestrained shadows. They had infiltrated almost the entire orchard, clinging to every stalk, whirling and swirling and pooling beneath every golden flower. He never felt so alive in this place of constant sunlight, never so full of power. And with the ever present sunlight beating down upon his dark back, the mighty beast grew more and more powerful.

Already the terrifying creature could barely contain his monstrous strength, but in this continued sunlight that he'd be lounging in for, what had it been? Days? Weeks? He didn't remember anymore. He merely basked in the absolute power that was the every glowing orb in the sky, gifting him with power beyond possible belief. 

He lounged in his jungle of glowing sunflowers, a giant red cat on it's stripped back, shadows streached to very corner that the sun beamed across. His ebony paws dangled midair, swiping aimlessly at the ever blue sky, an unusual content across his dark maw. In that moment, only the sun and his empty thoughts to accompany him, he was content. The cool dirt in his felt with the heat of the sun on his belly left him lethargic and drunk on the power, sleep calling to him like a needy mistress.

The power radiating from him however echoed across the orchard, the shadows frolicking and licking at every corner they could stretch to. They scampered and waved, whorling about and encasing only the stocks of the flowers. All he needed now was someone to break the tedium...

His amber eyes flashed in ernst, a playfulness about them.

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Table and art by Centience.



2 y/o small Female
Juniper, Female Cat
© Kii
She'd finally managed to pull herself from the cherry blossoms that had captivated her. It was somewhere she thought she could live forever if given the chance though that was supposedly the danger of the place. It was almost too enticing and would hold travelers captive there without even realizing it. If not for Juniper's chiding, she might have been another victim. But tales of other places lured her away finally, the promise of even better places to explore seeming more than ideal to the naive woman.

It seemed as though she'd wandered for days, observing all the passed in case she missed something exciting though finding nothing that seemed better than the flowering trees in all honesty. It was disappointing to say the least though she did not have it in her to hold it against her companion. If anything she seemed to have forgotten all about the fact that it was her fault she had left the cherry blossoms to begin with. She just moved on in the hopes that there would be something up ahead. She just needed to keep going.

By chance, it was on this day in particular that the scent of flowers and sunshine tickled her nose and her ears perked greatly. Oh, another fun place to see? There was a bit of a spring to her step as she skipped forward then, petal eyes scanning around eagerly as she moved. The first of the sunflowers she saw made her pause, awe stricken by the sight. It was so tall and so bright, just like the sun. It was amazing. Who knew something like this grew?

Hurrying forward, she stretched her neck to the best of her ability to sniff at it, humming gently to herself. But as she flitted along, she couldn't help but notice that, while the sun shone brightly, it also seemed awfully... dark in the orchard. Head tilting slightly, she found herself following along the path of one of the shadows, never seeming to think they seemed unnatural. It came to a surprise when she ended up seeing a wolf lounging ahead, enjoying the day and the scenery. "Oh, hello." Company never seemed like a bad thing.

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