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Black Hat


7 y/o large Male
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Though he traveled far, Black Hat always found himself returning to the willows. He was the sort who became rooted to a place. A home was one's land to protect, to control, to rule -- and that is what he ultimately desired. But to accomplish this goal, he needed followers to act as extensions of himself. Because, unfortunately, he was but one wolf. So attached as he was to the willow grove, he had little choice but to roam. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, though.

Willow trees became the object of his fascination the moment he first laid eyes on them, for they were unlike anything he'd ever seen before. He adored how their limbs whispered as they swayed in the breeze, how they exuded an atmosphere of quietude. Though a sinister fellow, Black Hat appreciated some peace and quiet. And now, in the wee hours of the morn, things couldn't be more tranquil. He dozed in the hollow of a large willow that'd become his abode, decorated with various trinkets: skulls, feathers, hides, and precious stones. It even had a deer hide rug to sleep on! He did love to spoil himself.

Sleep was an elusive mistress; he didn't rest for long. Gaping his crocodilian jaws in a yawn, Black Hat dragged himself out of his quaint little house. He didn't exactly have plans today, but being the workaholic he was, he'd find something productive to do with himself.


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