[AW]  Drastic Changes



6 y/o xsmall Female
Nadia, Female Ferret
© SellyMoony

The rippling and bubbling of water helped guide her paws into place as she moved. She could still feel the warmth of day along her tiny form as well as the always lingering shadows that seemed attracted to her. The young woman didn't mind though. Her thoughts were elsewhere as she moved. "Where are we going, Arrowai?" a soft toned voice rang in her ears along her back. "Does it truly matter?" she asked back with her own question. A small weight to her head made her slightly smirk, "Yes it does, dear. You know not all terrain is good for you." replied the creature. Orbs of silver moved as if to roll them and she paused, "Something's changed somewhere. I don't know quite what but I want to know." 

Weight from her back was released as her companion hopped to the ground. A chuckle left the form of Nadia, a ferret before she replied with "You are no child of Brahma." She felt a small paw to her slender leg and Arrowai slightly shook her head. "That may be but when one sense is gone, others heighten." her tone was quiet as flicked her tufted tail. It was not like her to take the initiative of situations. Often sitting in the background till she worked up the courage to actually do something. "Alright, alright. So are we just going to follow this river then?" Nadia asked and the woman gave a shrug. "I can smell the sea from where we are now. Would be nice to touch the sands" 

In all honesty, the two had no idea where they were going. Sure, she knew a beach was somewhere in this direction but she was just going off the scent of the sea. With hearing the slight squeaking from Nadia as a cue to move again, she put a bit pep into her steps. This river was bound to end somewhere ahead, right? It was about nightfall by the time Nadia said trees were up ahead. When they came to a stop a bit at the edge of a cliff, Nadia spoke. "The trees end here, Arrowai. I think this was one forest. I can see smaller islands in the water." 

An island chain? She didn't remember there being one, not one that her parents spoke of that is. She mused over a quick idea and Nadia cut it short. "No way can we swim to them. And certainly not at night." the ferret chastised. Arrowai sat back on her haunches with a small frown on her face. 


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