[AW]  The Lions Weep for You


Pestilent Executioner of The Order

8 y/o medium Male
© Cardinal(Jiji)

Hopeless souls play a part in my wicked work of art
The sun did not greet him today.

A veil of black did well to consume the light, leaving it broken against the stark darkness of the heavens and, trickling like broken fragments, innumerable stars fanned out across the indigo nothing, lost gems of the sunlight left behind to be gobbled up by the night instead. Contorted amalgamation of man and monster lay strewn across the basin of the willow tree, made aloft by the sturdy branches and heavy base he had climbed atop the quiver of wisteria dance in a fit of content quietude which lingered within the pulsating organ that played beating against his pale chest; where one half limply fell like a pirouette dancer over the side, petals a mess which lingered upon the tresses of his tail and hind legs criss-crossing over one side, the other curled around a particular bough like a serpent of rose-hued glass eyes and blurred vision where then the wisteria fell freely unto alabaster and cluttered with the threads of hair which had found their own perches to roost upon, wrapped up within the smaller twisting of branches cluttered together, their toxic flowers pulled down to frame the man's slender face. There the conjurer lay fit for a sovereign, though he detested the very notion, to lord over the sanctuary for a night. Slender ears flitted forward, the low buzz of fluttering graced him not by the beautiful wander of a lonesome butterfly but by that of a wasp, slender and black, with orange glass-blown wings which shook before folding gently along the insect's sides, catching his attention momentarily. Small, long legs skittered slowly along the pestilent man's muzzle to trace along the black jowls of his amused lips, across his cheek where it parted the short fur with ease, before stopping to clean its antennae in the corner of his face. Then it disappeared underneath the coat of white hair with barely a flicker of motion.

It had been much too long, a thought which had crossed the man's mind many a times in the few days he held in the palm of his paw. He had gone too long without feeling the crawling of legs trailing across his fur or the low buzzing of wings tickling his ears, and yet now, the rats had vanished back to their hovels deep within the darkness whence they came, and arising from their diseased leftovers came the insects in the wake of their true master, hailing his silent call. Tongue slipped out from parted jaws to trail along where the wasp had crawled seconds before, roseate eyes narrowing slightly in the darkness of his throne seat. Although the Order lay not far from where he stood, he did not wish to part with the wisteria so soon after, lithe skeletal figure curling tighter around his perspective tree as if in protest to the low sigh, twisting and raking against the bark until fragments parted with the wood itself to crack and fall to the ground below him, and petals shook from their twigs to the quake that was the irritated creature of pestilence. 


Ialu's Accelerated Hearing allows his ears to process sound at such a rate that he could 
hear a caught gasp of breathe as an entire exhale and discern it enough with time to react to whatever caused said sound.

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