Alone with a purpose



7 y/o large Male
© Damian
          It has been at least one moon cycle since streak left maraldias body at the bottom of that desolate mountain. Streak was sure that the pain he felt from losing her would linger on in his heart forever. He hadn't slept more than four nights since leaving the mountains and everytime he has, hes had the same dream. Maraldias warm presence pressed against him. Her soft voice whispering in his ear, "complete our journey. And don't ever forget that I love you."
           Streaks paws were sore from constant movement. At some point he had cut the pad pretty deep on his front left paw leaving a trail of blood behind him. He couldn't stop though. He had to get to nidria. Streak had been walking alongside a river for the better part of a day finding the slightest bit of comfort in the constant distraction of the water rushing beside him. The soft noises of water ripling over itself quieted the roaring plague of thoughts that constantly ate away at his mind. I shouldn't have gone so far ahead of her. I should have been faster. I could have saved her.
             As Streak continued to walk the trees ahead became more sparce offering up a better view of the path. The river stretched on as far as he could see but appeared to stop moving further on. I can't be seeing that right Streak thought to himself. Rivers just don't stop moving. As Streak continued an unfamiliar energy ran through his body. Streak felt a mixture of excitement and anxiousness spread through him. For the briefest of moments his eyes turned the  emarld green they used to when he was excited about something. The moment was fleeting though and the quickly returned to the almost lifeless grey they had been since leaving the mountain.
          Streak hurried his pace foreward to get a better look at the river ahead. The river grew quieter and quieter until all sounds of the water came to a complete silence. The only sounds he heard were that of a few birds overhead. Streak approached the edge of the river cautiously as if something might jump out and bite him in half. Sure enough what he had seen from a distance was true. The river remained perfectly still, not even the slightest ripple broke the mirror like surface. Streak stood on the river edge and looked straight down at his reflection. His usually perfectly clean fur was covered in dirt, matted down in some places and sticking out in crazy tufts in others. Oh maraldia, if only you could see me now streak sighed heavily. He sat down and began to clean himself. A few moments later Streak was back to his old self. He took a moment to survey the area around him. The trees near him seemed to be slightly bending towards him but there was no wind in the air. Streak looked back at the still water trying to make sense of it all. Am I here? Did I make it to nidria? Streak thought to himself. None of this makes any sense. As he looked at the water for a while longer streak could have swore he heard maraldias voice whisper in his ear. yes. You made it.
 Streak walked away from the edge of the river. He found a comfortable spot to lie down and decided to try to get some sleep.
      I made it.

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