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6 y/o xlarge Female
Ethio, Male Ocelot

Her steps were evident as she walked through the forest. Battered wings tucked protectively to her frame, tongue lolling off to the side as crimson droplets gravitated toward the earth. Sapphire green orbs seemed to burn intensely scanning the area ahead. She skidded to a stop as water splashed up to her face. Raising her crown, she looked upstream then down. It couldn't have gotten far. If anything, her meal would bleed out. "Wait up!" she heard behind her and she huffed looking back to watch a spotted feline dart out towards her. Lengthy banner gave a brief wave as she spoke, "I told you stay back, Ethio." and light blue orbs met her own apologetically. "...sorry.." Her crown shook slightly before she sniffed along the river before looking to the other side. 

Turning back, jaws opened to clutch the feline behind the back of the neck and half jump, wings stretching to give her a bit more lift. Landing on the other side she released him before picking up the doe's scent once more and setting out with her companion close behind her. Ethio watched his larger familiar lead the way, in all honesty he didn't like when she got like this. Letting her emotions and thoughts drive her. It scared him sometimes, but she always bounced back though it'd been a while now. Her steps eventually slowed and her frame lowered some, the doe lay just ahead of them, obviously exhausted from it's first escape. Sapphire orbs glance down to her companion briefly as he moved to stand under her. She gave a brief flash of fangs and his ears flattened as he sat down. 

Shadows muffled her paw steps as she moved away opening her wings once more to lift her in the air. Luckily, there was no moon tonight so the doe wouldn't see her coming. Licking her lips, she cut back in its direction, and dove back beneath the tree line, a snarl coming from her as she let her weight upon the doe. The panicked cries for help falling on deaf ears as she struggled to keep it down. With a little time, the doe fell silent and she released it, sitting up. She watched as Ethio scampered forward before she started to dig in. "Umm Xena?" She paused glancing at him before his frame arched. Her attention then went behind her, spotting the darting lanky figures through the trees. 'Great...coyotes.' she thought releasing a growl standing over her kill as Ethio scampered to a tree. 

" Xena Speaking" "Ethio Speaking"

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The Ghost of The Outside

5 y/o large Female
Absinthe, Female Southern White-Lipped Python
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She was hungry, and that's about all that the woman could think about. She could smell blood, and it was fresh, but there were other scents that concerned her. She had to rely on her senses for her sight in the dark was incredibly weak, although Absinthe had been teaching her a few tricks. She stayed low, flanked by tightly packed trees as she watched on in the direction she thought the scents came from. A few voices were travelling from that direction as well, further confirming her suspicions. As she focused in the dark, trying to pinpoint any figures her vision changed. It was filled with colours, mainly the blue and greens of the low heat surroundings, but then figures seemed to show up. A wolf, outlined in the warmer yellows and reds, accompanied by some small cat creature. She was right, there were others.

As she looked in the direction the blood seemed to come from she caught a glimpse of a doe before everything went dark again. "Damn it." She muttered, not wanting to give herself away. If she had to guess, that other wolf was tracking the doe just the same, and probably had an advantage over her anyway. "You're getting better," a voice came from one of the trees around her, "you're straining less each time you use it." Absinthe sat comfortably in the branches of one of the trees, observing everything going on, but making no effort to comment on what was happening. "I still don't understand how it works, how do you give me the ability to see like this." Reis couldn't help but question the ability, but she wasn't waiting around to hear what the serpent had to say either.

The panicked cries of the doe cut through the air, accompanied by a grumble in the ghost woman's stomach. "There goes a meal." She mumbled with a dissatisfied growl. She followed the scent further, trying to get closer in case she would be able to grab some scraps afterwards. She was drained from using her vision earlier, but she tried once more to make her life just the slightest bit easier. "Oh no." She heard a quiet hiss from above, although it wasn't until she could see her surroundings again that she realised what it was about. As she could see the heat radiating off the wolf and the fresh kill, she could see other creatures hiding between the trees. Coyotes.

"polareis," "absinthe,"

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