[AW]  lost at sea



8 y/o medium Female
© Tempest
Asenith Nineve Uciliece
She’d awoken from a familiar nightmare. Lost in the void, darkness overwhelming her. Familiar faces came to taunt her with their loving warm eyes. She would try to reach out to them, to touch them and hold them again. But they’d slip away, their faces becoming shapeless and deformed, suffering. Bacardi’s eyes would find her, shining with awe, with love, with lust. The power that had radiated from him that had always left her breathless still struck her even in her dreams of him. She could hear her mother’s voice, unearthly and powerful as it had been when she was alive, hushed to a whisper, a voice the war goddess gave only for her children. ”Ena, my daughter, do you know how I love you?” Her last memories before losing her last lover, how she’d managed to have her power taken. It was shameful…

She’d woken, tucked tightly into the crevice of the strange black stones. She could hear the power of the sea crashing against the shore. Occasionally the soft foamy spray would reach her, tiny drops dampening her back. The salt air filled her lungs, bringing with it a sense of peace despite the notoriety of the lands here. It called to her, beckoning for her to sink once more beneath it’s mighty depths. Pale green eyes turned to meet its mighty gaze, watching as it lapped and thrashed against the shore. She was tempted to heed its call.

Instead she forced herself to stand, moving from the shallow crevice and climb back to the surface of those slippery rocks. Her webbed paws gripped easily as the surface, too familiar with their treacherous nature to allow herself to slip. The wind from the sea rose to meet her, brushing across the shimmering beryl scales that sloped down her body. She closed her eyes at its familiar embrace, breathing deeply. It smelled so much like home she forgot the pain of her recent dream for a brief moment. Before long she was moving across the stones, silent save for the occasionally chime from the golden bangles around her limbs and tail. This was a new land, she reminded herself silently, a chance to start over and to find her lost magick.

ooc: I apologize for how choppy this is I am so rusty :| lol

Art by Hyssie

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